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Startup Aims to Spread Wealth of Promotional Videos

The successful advances of Web 2.0 — the concept responsible for the overhaul of thousands of Web sites into interactive, rich environments — have made it clear that standing still on the Internet is bad for business.

Fortunately, San Diego is also a rich environment for Web development. Multimedia mavericks are making it easier for even amateur webmasters to do more with less, while injecting innovation and a timely edge into their Web presence.

Ubroadcast.com is a local startup that’s lowering the intimidation factor of using video as a vehicle to promote your company’s messages, programming, products and services.

Ubroadcast offers live video streaming and provides a platform to upload video segments and clips — essentially doing for small businesses what hulu.com is doing for the titans of television.

Los Angeles-based Sport Specific Performance, for example, is using ubroadcast TV to host and distribute its Celebrity Golf TV shows, featuring an interesting cast of characters such as Ray Romano, Evander Holyfield and Alice Cooper, to name a few.

Sport Specific teamed up with ubroadcast to swap enticing content for free exposure. It produced exclusive online coverage of the San Diego Celebrity Classic and the California Sports Hall of Fame Induction Celebrity Golf Tournament.

“We needed a new channel to market our brand and increase our name recognition in the very crowded sports supplement space,” said Sport Specific Performance co-founder Brett Stern. “Buying this time on a TV station or cable network would have been prohibitively expensive.”

More ambitious webmasters can embed the ubroadcast player into their own site to keep the content local, rather than send visitors elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Platformic, a local Web development and content management service, recently released its Mobile Blogging Tool. It allows users to upload and alter content such as text, photos and video, using an iPhone, BlackBerry or other mobile device with an Internet connection.

Users must first establish a blog, for example, in Platformic’s main platform, after which they can log into it from their smart phone.

“The Mobile Blogging Tool offers great potential for professional bloggers and other businesses to create timely stories and keep content fresh,” all remotely, said CEO Claudio Canive.

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