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SharePoint360 Makes Sure Information Is Understood


CEO: Kevin Harris.

Revenue: $3.79 million in 2010; $3.05 million in 2009.

Net income: Undisclosed.

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No. of local employees: 30.

Headquarters: Downtown San Diego.

Year founded: 2006.

Investors or owners: Pamela Gaffen, owner; Clifford Smeed, principal.

Company description: Software consulting, hosting and business intelligence services provider.

Less than three weeks into his new job as chief executive officer of SharePoint360, Kevin Harris is deeply immersed in getting the downtown San Diego company ready for the future.

“Sharepoint360 is poised for a lot of growth,” Harris said. “There’s a niche in the market for providing the services we provide and not a lot of other businesses in the space. The demand for our expertise and our products will continue their meteoric rise for the next five years.”

Microsoft Corp. launched its SharePoint platform for storage and collaboration in 2003 and threw open the doors for partners to design industry — and task — specific software to run on the platform, which Gartner Inc., an international IT research outfit, ranked as the top collaboration platform (above Oracle and IBM, among others) in September.

SharePoint360 is one of dozens of Microsoft Certified Gold Partners that developed software using the platform for a specific set of tasks which have at their heart creating a collaborative work environment.

SharePoint360 spun out of GafCon in 2006, when founders Pamela and Yehudi Gaffen realized the document management software that the company had developed to handle a mountain of documents, while it oversaw complex construction projects, could well serve other businesses. Such projects have huge storage problems. They’re awash in drawings, permit applications, plans, photos, invoices, change orders and much more. The information is often on different software and storage systems. This makes getting the answer to simple questions a crazed journey through boxes, programs and stacks of scribbled notes.

One Access Point

Our collaborative portal pulls all the software together through one access point,” Harris said. “It’s a very powerful tool that reduces errors and overruns, a huge gain in efficiency.”

More than simple storage, having the system allows people to analyze how their business is doing, where the problems are and how to get things done better.

That’s vital as the recession wanes and businesses start to grow again but have to stay lean and smart.

“SharePoint skills are very much in demand,” said Bay Area technology recruiter Kunal Nagdeve, a principal with Central Business Solutions. “Just as we have great demand for people with SharePoint analysis and utilization skills, I expect that demand for SharePoint business products will increase.”

The company’s founders, Pamela Gaffen and Clifford Smeed, recruited Harris to come on as CEO because they realized that the business was ready for an aggressive push into a bigger market.

“SharePoint360 has reached the point that it was critical to bring in a seasoned professional to take us to the next level,” Gaffen said.

Harris’ background in information technology, coupled with his skills at growing a business — as he did in his previous position — made him the perfect choice.

Relying on Experience

Harris, who has a degree in cognitive science from UC San Diego, has worked in some aspect of technology for the past 20 years.

He expects to make the company grow. SharePoint360 is a sort of offsite IT department providing software and document management, servers and storage, and people with expertise at making computers work really well for others.

Marty Graham is a freelance writer for the San Diego Business Journal.


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