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Senomyx’s Flavor Ingredients Approved by the European Union

Senomyx Inc.’s flavor ingredients are gaining acceptance abroad as its four initial Savory Flavors and S2383 flavor ingredient recently received regulatory approval in the European Union.

San Diego-based Senomyx uses proprietary taste science technologies to discover and develop novel flavor ingredients including Savory Flavors and Cooling Flavors, Bitter Blockers and modifiers of sweet and salt tastes.

After an evaluation by the European Food Safety Authority, the European Commission published a regulation that adopts the Union List and allows the Savory Flavors and S2383 to be used in the European Union beginning in late April 2013.

First Approval By EU

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Gwen Rosenberg, vice president of investor relations and corporate communications for Senomyx, said altogether 11 Senomyx flavors have received regulatory approval in the U.S. but these are the company’s first flavors to be approved by the European Union.

The Savory Flavors, which are used to reduce or replace monosodium glutamate, also known as msg, can also be used with other ingredients to create new savory blends. Each of the Savory Flavors has a distinct flavor and is versatile enough to be used in a variety of food products including sauces, frozen foods, cooking aids, soups and snack foods.

S2383 can be used to restore the sweetness in products that have reduced levels of the artificial sweetener sucralose, commonly known as Splenda.

Opens New Markets

“The approval of Senomyx’s Savory Flavors and S2383 in the European Union opens important new markets for these unique flavor ingredients,” said Kent Snyder, CEO of the company.

Senomyx has licensed the rights to commercialize both the Savory Flavors and S2383 to partners who can use them in retail products or sell them as ingredients to other companies, according to Rosenberg.

The partner for S2383 is the large Swiss-based flavor and fragrance company Firmenich and the two Savory Flavors partners are not disclosed.

“Firmenich has worldwide rights for the commercialization of S2383 and our two partners for the Savory Flavors have rights in different geographies,” Rosenberg said.


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