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San Diego Gets a Failing Grade in This Business Survey

A nationwide survey of entrepreneurs gave San Diego an F rating for its friendliness to small businesses.

Thumbtack.com, a San Francisco consumer connection service in partnership with the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation said its Small Business Friendliness Survey of 12,000 entrepreneurs found that few had anything good to say about San Diego, or for most cities in California.

The survey ranked all 50 states and 82 cities on a range of issues relating to small business formation, support, and taxation.

San Diego, along with most other large cities in California and the state itself fared poorly. Joining San Diego with a failed rating was Sacramento and Oxnard. Los Angeles, Riverside and Santa Rosa were all given a D rating, while ; Anaheim and San Jose got a D+ rating, and San Francisco to a C- rating.

The only city in the state that did well was Oakland at B-.

California got an F rating, and was deemed the third least friendly state to small businesses in the nation.

The top rated cities were Colorado Springs, Colo.; Boise, Idaho; Houston and Austin, Texas; and Louisville, Ky.

Joining San Diego at the lowest ranking was Sacramento, Providence, R.I.; Buffalo, N.Y.; and Bridgeport, Conn.

The survey gave San Diego an F rating for the ease of starting a new business, and its overall friendliness to small business.

The city’s best grades were both B- for the ease of hiring new workers and the availability of the city’s training and networking programs.

“After a two-month survey of thousands of small business owners nationwide, San Diego’s small businesses have given it some of the worst grades in the country,” said Jon Lieber, chief economist for Thumbtack.com. “Creating a business climate that is welcoming to small, dynamic businesses is more important than ever, and San Diego still has a ways to go towards that goal.”


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