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Poll: Many Against Proposed Chargers Stadium Project

Nearly half of San Diego County residents responding to a recent survey are opposed to the San Diego Chargers building a new football-only stadium, according to a poll conducted on behalf of the San Diego Institute for Policy Research, a think tank founded by former mayoral candidate Steve Francis.

The poll found 48.8 percent opposed to the Chargers building a new stadium regardless of the site, with 31.8 percent “strongly opposed,” and 17 percent “somewhat opposed.”

The poll found 24.3 percent were strongly supportive of a new stadium, while 19.7 percent were somewhat supportive of a new stadium for a total of 44 percent in support.

The remaining 7.2 percent said they weren’t sure about the issue.

Results of the poll were released March 20.

The same poll found 69 percent of respondents agreed that having professional sports teams in San Diego contributed to the city’s quality of life.

The telephone poll was done for the institute by Competitive Edge Research of 1,005 randomly selected respondents from March 1-6.

The poll also asked what location was favored most should the Chargers build a new stadium. The largest segment, 43.5 percent, liked the current Qualcomm Stadium site. Twenty-two percent liked Oceanside, 16.5 percent preferred Chula Vista, and only 7 percent liked National City.

SDI is a nonpartisan organization that produces policy research papers, economic bulletins, public opinion polls and events, with the intention of generating discussion and debate among local decision-makers and residents, according to the group.

Francis, former chairman of AMN Healthcare Services Inc., came in third in the 2005 primary race for San Diego mayor behind eventual winner Jerry Sanders and City Councilwoman Donna Frye.

, Mike Allen


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