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Pita Customers Getting Nutritional Details When They Belly Up to the Counter

In the race to feed demands for healthier fast-food meals, a local franchisee is adding a detailed chart of nutritional facts to its purchase receipts.

Brett Weiss, Extreme Pita franchisee for San Diego and Orange counties, began including the details in the form of a chart three weeks ago at his store on Convoy Street in Kearny Mesa.

Last week, he helped franchisee owners at Mira Mesa’s Extreme Pita introduce the receipt system to their store.

The receipts give a breakdown of calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the foods purchased by the customer.

Santa Barbara-based Nutricate Corp. developed the receipt system, which a restaurant owned by the founder of Nutricate launched last year.

Extreme Pita, an Ontario, Canada, franchise operation, is the first chain to use the product outside of Santa Barbara.

If it is successful here, Weiss said the handful of other Extreme Pitas in the United States would likely follow this year.

Extreme Pita has only two outlets in the county, one in Kearny Mesa and one in Mira Mesa. Weiss said he expects a third to open this month in San Marcos, which will also feature the Nutricate receipt.

Franchisees pay a licensing fee for the receipt system.

But, according to Weiss, who declined to say how much the fee is, the return on investment is worth the cost of installation.

“It’s not ‘too’ expensive depending on what your definition of expensive is, of course, but it’s affordable,” Weiss said.

Since introducing the new receipt system, Weiss said customer reactions have been positive.

While it’s too soon to provide hard evidence of the impact to the bottom line, Weiss said word is spreading among customers watching their weight.

Weiss said diners following Weight Watchers and LA Weight Loss programs are coming into his store saying they heard about the receipts from their support groups.

Both Weight Watchers and LA Weight Loss require members to keep a detailed log of everything they eat so they can better track calories consumed.

In addition to a detailed chart of fat, calories, carbohydrates, etc., the Nutricate receipt system includes health tips plus a discount coupon designed to encourage repeat business.

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Paging Security:

Loss prevention at retail stories will take center stage in San Diego in June.

The National Retail Federation recently announced plans to hold its 2007 Loss Prevention Conference and Expo at the San Diego Convention Center from June 11-13.

More than 2,600 retail professionals, representing such names as Target, Gap, Starbucks and Saks Fifth Avenue, are expected to attend.

The Washington, D.C.-based group is the world’s largest retail trade association and represents 1.6 million U.S. retail establishments with $4.7 trillion in sales.

Local conference plans include seminars on topics ranging from working with law enforcement and gift card fraud to legal and regulatory issues.

During the conference, the federation is expected to present findings from a survey detailing what retailers lost last year due to shoplifting, employee theft and fraud.

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