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Oceanside Hotel and Condo Project Closer to Construction

A proposed hotel and condo project near Oceanside pier took another step closer to construction Nov. 13 when the California Coastal Commission voted to update the city’s downtown coastal zone.

The vote essentially allows the project to proceed.

The city needed approval to change its coastal zoning documents, which outline rules for construction near the Pacific Ocean.

Developer S.D. Malkin Properties wants to build a 300-unit hotel along with several fractional ownership units at the site.

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The commission vote essentially removes joint liability between the future hotel owner-operator and individual condominium owners. In other words, the owner of the hotel would be liable for the actions of the condo owners in case disputes arise.

Patrick Kruer, chairman of the commission, said the idea of joint liability between the owner and manager with individual condo owners was “commercially unreasonable.”

“I don’t know of any management company or big management company for a hotel who would want to take that on,” he said.

Meanwhile, the city could vote on a lease for the project as early as January.

The decision comes after several months of meetings by the Coastal Commission and city officials.

, Michelle Mowad


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