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Market Creek Event and Venues

In today’s economic climate, corporations, businesses, organizations and individuals are seeking ways to maximize their impact and generate a social return on every dollar spent. One entity within the hospitality industry has become a perfect partner to those socially-minded companies looking for a great place to meet or hold an event.

Market Creek Events & Venues has emerged as one of San Diego’s leading mid-sized event providers. The business operates as a social enterprise – focused on generating both economic and social returns as it provides top-quality events and meeting space to some of the most cutting-edge businesses and organizations in the city, state, and nation.

This responsible double bottom-line goal improves both the social and economic conditions of the local community we serve. Every day, we create win-win-win situations for our customers, their guests, and for the community that enjoys hosting them.

For our customers, Market Creek Events & Venues delivers memorable events and provides an unparalleled experience for their guests: inspiring indoor and outdoor venues, personalized services, and cultural ambience to tantalizing cuisine, community art, and a vibrant commercial center. On-site banquet, catering and culinary staff provide exceptional service and attend to each detail. Their goal is to ensure you and your guests have such a wonderful event that you chose our venues again and again.

Our guests discover a full array of classic and authentic cultural cuisine designed to please every palate and customized to suit every budget. From simple breakfast to grand galas, we delight our guests with creative cuisine to ensure your event is a memorable one. We provide an extensive catering menu, offering every level of service from simple delivery and set-up to full banquet and event planning selections. Smooth events organized by top-notch service professionals are well matched with our facility’s state-of-the-art technology.

The multicultural focus of our home community translates into the experience of hosting an event at Market Creek Events & Venues. Guests are encouraged to share and learn about history, heritage, food, and traditions of people from around the world. The collaborative spirit that created this environment also makes us the perfect location for meetings that need breakthrough thinking and strategic planning sessions. Our meeting spaces encourage collaborative exchange and creative problem solving.

Our guests also enjoy the ease and convenience of our location. We are easily accessible and centrally located near two major freeways, just steps from the trolley station and less than ten minutes from downtown. Guests truly enjoy plenty of parking that is close by and free.

With all of these attributes, perhaps the most amazing thing about Market Creek Events & Venues is that, while you hold a successful, memorable event, your dollars are working hard behind the scenes to support the transformation of an entire community. As a social enterprise, Market Creek Events & Venues is focused on the social good it can to do in the community, as well as ensuring operations are aligned with the best practices in environmental sustainability.

Social good takes several forms. We provide training and employment opportunities for local community residents that prepare them for careers in San Diego’s food service, catering and hospitality industries. More than 80 percent of those participating in the job training and employment programs are local community residents.

Your dollars also support this under-invested community’s use of our venues as the central gathering place for more than 44 teams of community residents working across racial, language, economic, age, and other differences to plan and build their common vision for The Village at Market Creek.

Hosting your event with us truly does help to transform an entire community. Socially conscious individuals and organizations, large and small, host their events with us because they understand the impact they make here.

By supporting this community, you help families prosper. Those families, in turn, become active consumers who use their spending power to support companies that look to make an impact beyond their bottom line. Companies like yours.

We invite you to discover all we have to offer. To learn more, please contact Renee Novo, Director of Sales and Marketing, at 619.527.6161 x162.

Submitted by Market Creek Events and Venues



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