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HIGH TECH–HipMoms.com Offers Help, Service to Cool Moms

HNC Teams With KNSD To Lure Students to

Science and Technology

One of San Diego’s latest cyber-entrepreneurs plans to establish an online resource center for moms across the county.

Called HipMoms.com, the site offers articles on fitness, health updates, tools for financial planning, hip fashions, beauty tips, ideas for the home, a gift reminder, calendar of family events, and a weekly dinner plan with recipes and a grocery list. The site also includes a “Hip” mall.

“The site is designed for all moms , moms who have young kids, older kids, moms who stay home, moms who work out of their home,” said HipMoms.com creator Heather Reider, who’s expecting her third child this fall.

“Once you become a mom you’re not just interested in parenting issues. You still want to be hip and know what the latest fashions are, and what’s happening in health and fitness. It just celebrates mom as a whole woman.”

Reider, a journalist by trade, thought of the idea nearly three years ago when she was pregnant with her first child.

“I went (online) to look for local resources and information. I found lots of great sites for parents on a national level but not locally,” she said.

“Moms in San Diego need to have a place where they can reach their local communities via the Internet.”

Reider recruited the help of Del Mar-based VitekNet to design the HipMoms.com site, which launched earlier this month.

Reider, who writes and edits most of HipMoms.com’s articles with her sister, plans to generate revenues for the site via banner advertising and sponsorships. The site, which is free to users, currently offers advertising space for less than $5 a month.

“Another goal is to find a way for small- to medium-sized local merchants to drive traffic to their sites,” Reider said.

HipMoms.com plans to formally introduce itself to local moms around Mother’s Day with a local marketing and advertising campaign.

Reider hopes to expand HipMoms.com to other cities across the nation.

Will this be another iVillage.com? Stay tuned.

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Bits & Bytes: HNC Software Inc. has teamed with local TV station KNSD 7/39 to pique local students’ interest in science, math and technology. The first HNC-sponsored WeatherNet station was awarded last week to the Casita Center for Technology Science and Mathematics, a K-5 magnet school in the Vista Unified School District.

The WeatherNet station is an automated, real-time weather station that includes atmospheric measuring equipment, computer software and complimentary course materials. HNC and KNSD plan to award 10 more WeatherNet stations to local schools this year. San Diego’s Alitum, Inc. recently scored $5.5 million in financing. Alitum, which builds next generation business-to-business Internet solutions, will use the money to develop its Internet-delivered business infrastructure services. The Titan Corp.’s business continues to soar. The tech firm recently netted three government information technology and system engineering and support contracts that have a potential value of $47 million. From the “Did You Know?” file: The number of wireless phone subscribers in the United States grew about 24 percent to 86 million customers last year, according to a study by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association. The study shows the U.S. wireless industry generated $40 billion in revenues last year, compared to $33 billion in 1998. In Japan, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications recently reported that 67.8 percent of households there had mobile phones in 1999, up from 62.3 percent in 1998. One of the reasons for the increase, industry leaders say, is mobile phones are becoming the preferred way for Japanese citizens to access the Internet.

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