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Frank Pettit, District 7

Name: Frank Pettit

Business: Alpha Cars

Address: 7268 El Cajon Blvd., 92115

Employees: 4

Frank Pettit, the president of Alpha Cars on El Cajon Boulevard, is tired of seeing more glamorous areas of San Diego siphon off business from his neighborhood, and he’d like something done about it.

“We’re all pulling our hair out to get business on this boulevard, and it’s been a struggle,” said Pettit, the treasurer of the College Area Business Improvement District executive board. “We think that part of the problem is the success of the Gaslamp District, and the refreshening of Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach.

“Ocean Beach sponsors four farmers markets a year, along with community get-togethers, and Pacific Beach does the same thing,” he added. “A lot of people would be doing business along the boulevard, but they high-tail it out that way. The migration of people to those neighborhoods leave this neighborhood stark when it comes to shopping.”

Some new businesses wouldn’t hurt, he said.

“In District 7, there isn’t really a restaurant , no Outback, no Black Angus , just small, little, hole-in-the-wall places set up for breakfast and lunch,” said Pettit. “After-hours has gone by the wayside, and there is nothing to keep people shopping and spending money here. I have to advertise to get my customers to me, and I have to spend a lot on advertising.”

Another problem, he said, is that neighborhood residents have put a damper on encouraging night life, fretting about “noise and the riff-raff that comes with rock ‘n’ roll. The Gaslamp gets the nighttime business, and it’s nonexistent here.

“Once Downtown started getting revamped, it created a problem for El Cajon Boulevard,” said Pettit. “It used to be where everyone went. It will be a sleepy-time neighborhood, unless something is done.”

, Pat Broderick


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