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Entrepreneur Profile , Jeffrey Isaac

Jeffrey Isaac decided to stop practicing law twice and he believes that if he hadn’t involved radio and television with his practice, he would have left a third time. Now, the 59-year-old runs a unique law practice under the name Lawyer in Blue Jeans Group.

“I got into that regular grind,” Isaac said. “I would be out (of law) now if I hadn’t been proactive.”

From the beginning, he practiced law in a way that was distinctive and more accessible to his clients. In 1976, he was the first lawyer to advertise in San Diego and one of the first to offer legal clinics that could “help people on a mass level,” he said.

More than 30 years later, Isaac is planning a Lawyer in Blue Jeans cruise to Mexico for the more than 8,000 readers of his newsletter as well as fans of his radio show on KFMB and previous TV work.


Name: Jeffrey Isaac.

Titles: Founder, chief executive officer.

Company: Lawyer in Blue Jeans Group.

Company address: 3990 Old Town Ave., Suite 103-A, San Diego 92110.

Company phone: (619) 683-2545.

Year founded: 1997.

Prior business experience: Owned advertising company while in law school; owned a restaurant in Rancho San Diego.

Average hours worked weekly: 70-plus.

Source of startup capital: $5,000 from personal savings.

2006 revenue: $1,214,000.

2005 revenue: $1,330,000.

Number of employees: Seven.

Web site: www.lawyerinbluejeans.com.


Birthplace: Los Angeles.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in humanities, San Diego State University; Juris Doctorate, Western State University of Law.

Age: 59.

Current residence: Rancho San Diego.

Family: Wife, five children.

Hobbies: Cooking, traveling, collecting watches.


Reason for getting into business: Changing the profession of law to a level that is not esoteric and confusing , one that better resonates with the masses and keeps the common man’s best interest at heart.

How I plan to grow the business: Continued local and national radio and television exposure to increase awareness and credibility of the Lawyer in Blue Jeans brand through philanthropy, merchandising and other diversification.

Biggest plus of business ownership: Freedom of bureaucratic entanglements; being able to marry the law with entertainment in a journalistic sense.

Biggest drawback: Not enough time in the day for all that could be accomplished or to capitalize on the many opportunities that present themselves.

Biggest business strength: Relatable , my informal, down-to-earth approach to the law is comforting to a public that is known to harbor negative misperceptions about attorneys at large.

Biggest business weakness: I’m famous for spreading myself thin to accomplish my various goals and to be counted on by others, both professionally and personally.

Biggest risk: Stepping out of my comfort zone to make no less than 12 on-stage guest star appearances in Youth Actor’s Theater’s March 2007 production of “High School Musical.”

Smartest business decision: Establishment and propagation of the intuitive Lawyer in Blue Jeans brand for my radio show and use in local and national TV broadcasts and appearances.

Biggest business mistake: Waiting until later in my career to pursue national radio and TV exposure. The effort is going strong, but I wish I would have started much sooner.

Toughest career decision: Whether or not to stay in the field of law, when practicing as a divorce attorney was not fulfilling. Making the switch to proactive law has made the decision to remain an attorney worthwhile.

Biggest ongoing challenge: Staying ahead of the curve and rising above both the consumer marketplace and news reporting “noise” to change misconceptions about how the law can or cannot work in everyone’s best interest, no matter what your salary is.

The most important part of my business: Imparting fresh, current and compelling information to keep my client base well informed. Being highly responsive and providing great customer service to my clients.

My business works best when: My work, interview and volunteer schedule is full and there’s a “good” amount of pressure keeping me and my staff fully engaged.

Best way to stay competitive: Continue to differentiate the Lawyer in Blue Jeans brand and philosophy from “the rest” of the legal community, both on a local and national level, and both with the consumer marketplace and with the media.


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