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Cynergy Chooses San Diego for New Division

Cynergy Systems, a Washington D.C.-based software company, is launching a New Media and entertainment division in San Diego, the company said Nov. 11.

Cynergy.ME will provide content creators and publishers , from major studios to independents , with software design and development services to build applications for streaming media, interactive gaming and social engagement.

Cynergy.ME has built an integrated end-to-end platform through its ecosystem of distribution, syndication and content partners.

The company provides content distribution through Akamai’s network of 34,000 servers worldwide. Content is played on Ooyala and Brightcove media players , which also provide an easy platform for publishers to control, syndicate and monetize their content. And media is hosted through Rackspace, which has an international infrastructure.

Cynergy.ME customers include Sony’s Extreme Music GetTrax, InXile Entertainment’s Line Rider, and JD Next’s fantasy football visual statistical package.

Cynergy was founded in 1996 by San Diego native Carson Hager, who still lives and works in San Diego.

Ranked No. 41 on Inc. Magazine’s top 100 Software Companies, Cynergy had $6.5 million in revenues in 2007 , up from $1.1 million in 2004 , and 125 employees.

“It’s no longer enough to simply create content, a great game or the next social network. The future of media and entertainment is combining new media and games with social engagement fronted by incredible and sticky experiences,” Cynergy Vice President Dave Wolf said in a statement. “Cynergy.ME is focused on doing exactly that by leveraging over a decade of serious enterprise class experience of a market leader like Cynergy.”

, Ned Randolph


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