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Company’s Expanding Roles Bring a Change in Its Name

San Diego-based Millennium Laboratories Inc. announced recently that it has changed its name to Millennium Health LLC.

“We needed our brand to better reflect our breadth of services and our mission to address the need to help inform the right treatment decisions at the right time for patients,” Millennium CEO Brock Hardaway said in a statement. “We are redefining our company to better reflect where we are currently and where we see ourselves in the future.”

The company said the new name will better reflect the company’s market position as a broad health solutions company.

Since its founding in 2007, Millennium has been a laboratory dedicated to developing tests that help health care professionals manage and monitor patients’ use of medications, said Hardaway. That role continues today. However, the company has been advancing its product and services to a point that the name no longer completely reflected the company’s offerings, Millennium said.

Millennium Health has expanded its portfolio to include three sets of tools for doctors, pharmacies and other health care professionals.

The company has offered urine drug testing for years, allowing health care professionals to monitor the use or misuse of prescription medication such as painkillers.

Millennium then tackled pharmacogenetic testing — noninvasive tests using buccal or saliva specimen to identify how a patient’s genetic profile may impact his or her response to medication. This kind of information allows clinicians to give patients a more personalized treatment regimen with a more targeted application of medication.

Millennium has also added analytics to its offerings with the recent acquisition of RxAnte LLC in December 2013. Now, Millennium has a platform to process big data and come up with predictive analytics.

“We use data about people’s prescription drug-taking histories to predict how they will take drugs in the future,” said Josh Benner, executive vice president of corporate strategy.

How people are taking drugs can be a costly issue. The nation spends about $300 billion dollars annually on prescription medications and another $300 billion paying for the consequences of misuse and abuse of medications, said Benner.

“For every dollar we spend on drugs, we spend another dollar on the cleanup,” Benner said.

Millennium Health’s portfolio is aiming to reduce the cost of cleanup.

“Clinicians need effective tools and we can play a vital role in appropriate, effective and safe prescribing to optimize medications and improve patient health.”

As part of executing on its growth plan, Millennium Health announced three changes to its executive leadership team including the addition of Benner, who is the former president of RxAnte. Lisa Hellman Rhodes, formerly a vice president, has been named chief people officer for Millennium Health. Aaron McKethan, formerly senior vice president for strategy and business development for RxAnte, is the new president of that subsidiary, assuming Benner’s previous role.

Millennium said it has grown its customer base rapidly, but did not give figures, nor did the private company disclose any financial information.

Earlier this year a federal jury in Florida decided that San Diego-based Millennium Laboratories violated laws against kickbacks by giving physicians free urine testing cups, and it awarded a Baltimore-based competitor nearly $15 million in mostly punitive damages.

Ameritox Ltd. had sued Millennium, complaining that its practice of giving away point-of-care test cups — said to be worth about $5 each — amounted to an unfair business practice. The jury awarded Ameritox $14.77 million in damages.

Millennium said at the time that the jury’s decision impacts the company’s cup program in four states and affects a small percentage of its customers.

Nevertheless, the company said then that it voluntarily agreed to suspend the program nationwide while it appeals the decision.


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