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Cause Branding – The Power of Partnership

More than 70 percent of Americans say they “make it a point to buy brands from companies whose values are similar to my own,” according to recent research from Young & Rubicam. That’s one more reason why a cause branding alliance with a trusted nonprofit such as the American Cancer Society can help build a business’ bottom line. By aligning your business with a positive goal that people believe in – such as saving lives from cancer – you create an environment of shared values and deepened loyalty.

In part to maximize potential business partnerships and to connect with audiences emotionally, The American Cancer Society launched an innovative, positive and updated brand platform three years ago. As The Official Sponsor of Birthdays, the American Cancer Society has had tremendous success communicating the ways in which lives are saved from cancer, and in so doing, creating a world with more birthdays. This new brand platform invites audiences to imagine a world with more birthdays, a world where cancer is scarce.

Today the Society continues to create more opportunities for businesses to help save lives and fight for a world with more birthdays. Cause branding, a successful, well-established business strategy, continues to enable nonprofits such as the American Cancer Society to partner with for-profit corporations and coordinate activities around mutually beneficial business objectives.

Cause branding partnerships may include, but are not limited to, advertising and marketing campaigns, promotions, event sponsorships, charitable donations, underwriting, social media engagement, and point of purchase sales.

For corporate partners, cause branding attracts consumer interest for a brand or product by connecting with a trusted and respected organization such as the American Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society brand has great value that can benefit a corporate partner including:

• Awareness: 97 percent brand recognition among major health charities

• Trust: The Society is viewed by Americans as the number one source for accurate and up-to-date cancer information

• Credibility: The Society has been involved in every major cancer research breakthrough in the last 60 years. Forty-six Society-funded researchers have gone on to win the Nobel Prize

And, cause branding allows the American Cancer Society to increase brand relevance and create more and different ways to promote its work, reach new and important audiences and communities with its lifesaving programs and services, and importantly, generate additional income.

Interested in finding out more about cause branding and how to partner with the American Cancer Society in California? Know of a business that might want to hear about how it can help in the fight against cancer? Please contact Jennifer Berg, Director Corporate Relations at 619-682-7471 or jennifer.berg@cancer.org


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