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BAE Systems Aids New Jersey Pandemic Response From Afar

North San Diego County computer specialists have silently been helping authorities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic some 2,800 miles away in New Jersey.

First responders in that state have coordinated their response efforts — including a testing initiative — with help from specialized software from BAE Systems Inc.’s Rancho Bernardo office.

State authorities have been using BAE Systems’ GXP OpsView software, coupled with a mapping product from New Jersey-based Critical Response Group Inc.

BAE specializes in geospatial intelligence software. The company provides similar products to military and intelligence agencies. The GXP OpsView product allows first responders to be tracked on top of a map. First responders can also share their positions with other first responders.

The 800 people in BAE’s Rancho Bernardo office design, develop and support company products. In addition to advanced geointelligence software, Rancho Bernardo houses teams that oversee analytic, mission and space systems software.

San Diego hosts an entirely different division of BAE Systems in Barrio Logan, where skilled workers repair U.S. Navy ships.

A Better Overall View

New Jersey reported 160,918 total COVID-19 cases among its 9 million people as of June 1. (California, by contrast, had 113,006 cases in a state with 40 million people.) At one point, New Jersey authorities were using the Meadowlands convention center as a field hospital, along with two other emergency sites.

The products from BAE and Critical Response have provided “a common operating picture” for first responders, BAE said.

At testing sites, the technology increased operational throughput. The technology has also helped people from different agencies first become acquainted with the situation and then better coordinate.

BAE said New Jersey also used the software’s “smart mapping” techniques to speed up the deployment of field hospitals and interim testing sites. It also helped with supply chain issues.

Speeding the Process, Examining Scenarios

“As situations evolve, we’re giving them [first responders] technology they can use to get more information faster to make better decisions,” said Dana Poirier, product line director and general manager of advanced geospatial systems at BAE Systems, who is based in Rancho Bernardo.


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