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Alabama State Agency to Use Networkcar’s Wireless Fleet Manager

Networkcar Inc. announced Feb. 13 that it will be servicing the Alabama Department of Environmental Management’s fleet of sedans and light- duty trucks.

Networkcar is a San Diego-based wireless fleet manager. Its technology monitors GPS location, engine diagnostics and emissions.

By monitoring extra idle time, the system can reduce emissions. And the performance of the vehicle is available online.

The company, founded in 1999 and is used by federal, state and regional government agencies as well as private companies or other organizations that use a fleet of vehicles, according to Craig Whitney, vice president of marketing.

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The deal with ADEM, which manages all major federal environmental laws like the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act, was initiated by AllComm Wireless Inc., a reseller based in Montgomery, Ala., for the fleet of 200 vehicles.

Although customer numbers were not available, Whitney said that Networkcar has installed 50,000 units in fleets across the country.

The company charges $500 for hardware, plus monthly subscription and access fees of about $30.

Networkcar has 100 employees.

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Oceanside Supplier Receives Utility Honor:

One Source Distributors Inc. received an award from San Diego Gas & Electric for its work supplying stock items and material during the fires in 2007.

The electrical distribution company worked 24 hours a day for 10 consecutive days to help SDG & E; restore power for county residents whose service had been affected by the fires, said company President Bob Zamarripa.

Twenty-five employees worked 12-hour shifts during the 10-day period, he added. It was the largest emergency scale situation that One Source Distributors had dealt with.

SDG & E; is a public utility owned by Sempra Energy, also based in San Diego, which serves 3.4 million consumers in the county.

The Mark of Excellence Award was given to One Source Distributors in December. The company works with Pacific Gas & Electric in Northern California and Southern California Edison after it began building its utilities division five years ago.

One Source Distributors has more than 300 employees at 11 locations and reported sales of $250 million in 2007. The company, founded in San Diego in 1983, moved its headquarters to Oceanside 20 years later.

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Master Plan Community Upholds Recycling Standard:

The residential community of Del Sur near state Highway 56 has maintained a recycling rate of 90 percent during construction for nearly three years, according to the developer.

While the developers of the community originally aimed for a 75 percent rate, the recycling of lumber, drywall and innards (concrete, roof tiles and stucco) has hovered at the 90 percent line, said Bill Dumka, a senior vice president at Black Mountain Ranch LLC.

Percentage numbers were tracked from September 2005 to December 2007.

He said that estimates put a $400 savings for each house; 20 percent of the planned 3,000 homes have been completed. The savings comes, partly, from fewer trips to the landfill and corresponding fees.

Lumber is being used for mulch, drywall as a soil additive and the innards as a driveway base, according to Dumka.

The 1,800-acre project had generated 10,400 tons of waste by the end of 2007, 9,670 of which was diverted from local landfills.

Dumka said he was not aware of any other development as the same size scale recycling at the same rate.

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