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Netradyne Powers Fleet Safety with AI Solutions

SAAS: ‘Seasonal’ Launch Includes Reporting, Training, Management, Tracking

‘Tis the season for safety at Netradyne, Inc.

The San Diego-based SaaS provider of AI and edge computing solutions for commercial fleets on March 8 announced a “seasonal launch” of new products and updates to its existing suite.

David Julian
Co-founder & CTO
Netradyne, Inc

“As a high-performance organization, we strive to deliver new impactful solutions for our customers facing the repercussions of a volatile market. Our seasonal launch provides a new feature suite that gives our customers the peace of mind that Netradyne continues to innovate in safety, fleet management, and cost optimization,” said David Julian, co-founder and chief technology officer at Netradyne. “We look forward to building on our market-leading safety technology and to continue finding opportunities to raise the industry standard  for the commercial fleet industry.”

The new products were developed in response to results from Netradyne’s recent survey of small and midsized business leaders that found challenges around building affordable and effective safety programs, financial and cost-saving initiatives, road risks and driver safety are top concerns of fleet managers.

Pramod Akkarachittor
SVP, Product Management
Netradyne, Inc.

“One thing we’ve been hearing from the fleets is, given the economic climate the way it is, ‘how can I do more with less,’” said Pramod Akkarachittor, Netradyne senior vice president of product management, adding that fleet managers are especially interested technology that offers greater efficiency and more ROI. “These kinds of releases that we have done try to address those critical market needs, overall.”

‘Assistant Coach’

One area Netradyne has addressed through its new releases is in providing fleet managers with a tool to assess drivers for whom may need more training.

“You can think of it like an AI-assistant coach,” Akkarachittor said of Netradyne’s “Recommended Coaching” feature.

The new solution can look at thousands of unsafe driving events that have happened, analyze them and based on those profiles, point out drivers to coach for improved safety. Weekly update recommendations leverage data from either the last coaching session or the previous six completed weeks. Recommended Coaching alerts will include the driving trends that contribute to a driver’s score reduction.

If a driver receives recent coaching, they will automatically move to the bottom of the list. If a driver ignores a Recommended Coaching alert the week it is provided, they remain in the coaching queue, and their session is in escalation.

“Those are going to be the biggest bang for the buck for you to go and coach them – have a face-to-face, show them videos or send them back to school,” Akkarachittor said.

Drivers with good scores and a track record of good driving behavior can bypass Recommended Coaching sessions, saving time for drivers and costs for fleets.

Progress Reports

In addition to providing fleet managers with reports on their drivers’ needs for training, Netradyne has also developed a solution for providing detailed reports on the safety progress of their entire fleets.

The reports are based on massive amounts of data gathered by Netradyne’s Driveri camera platform which is then rolled into five aggregated metrics.

“From these metrics, we will measure month-over-month, year-over-year and then show how the safety program is performing,” Akkarachittor said.

The insights from the report help fleets negotiate insurance premiums based on their performance, rather than aggregated market data. The reports also help fleet safety managers who “now, even more so than before, must be able to justify their safety programs,” Akkarachittor said.

Collisions and Tracking

When an accident does occur, Netradyne’s new collision management feature speeds up the time it takes to file insurance claims by providing real-time First Notice of Loss (FNOL) information.

“We are essentially able to automate a large portion of the claims process,” Akkarachittor said.

The new system can capture collisions on HD video and higher degrees of integration and automation, detect the difference between fender benders and head-on-accidents in real-time, which addresses pain points at an early stage, saving fleets time and resources.

Besides visibly seeing collisions, Netradyne’s new fleet tracking features allow fleet managers visibility of their divers’ path of travel and activity. The new capabilities also include location geofences that alerts when a driver is off route and the ability to share a vehicle’s location with third parties like customers or vendors for more visibility across the supply chain.

The tracking data is also integrated with Netradyne’s safety data.

“That configuration of safety and tracking brings in these unique insights which helps from both an operations perspective and a safety perspective,” Akkarachittor said, and cited an example of how a particular route may see more accidents, which then operations managers can use to find alternative paths of travel.

Future seasonal launches from Netradyne, Akkarachittor said, will continue to focus on more predictive capabilities of early indicators of accidents or problem drivers. “The best accident response is no accidents,” he said.

Netradyne, Inc.

Founded: 2015
CEO: Avneesh Agrawal
Headquarters: San Diego
Business: Provider of technology solutions for fleet management and safety
Employees: 500+
Website: www.netradyne.com
Notable: Netradyne’s Driveri camera recognizes risky and good driving behaviors by analyzing every minute of drive time, in-cab, and out with 98% accuracy.


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