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Postpartum Pampering Part of Wellness for New Moms

WELLNESS BUSINESS: Post Pamper Teams with Noble House Hotels & Resorts

SAN DIEGO – Without reservation, Katie McGinley says she is in “the business of getting parents back to work.”

The founder of Post Pamper, the first postpartum retreat in San Diego County, McGinley knows that there are working parents who can be overwhelmed with the added responsibilities a new baby brings.

Katie McGinley
Founder & CEO
Post Pamper

“It can be a tough decision for some parents about going back to work after having a baby,” McGinely said. “A new mother, if she has more support, will make a better decision about returning to work. If they can’t get support they need, you risk losing women, including women in leadership positions, and men (on paternity leave). If we care about retaining mothers and fathers in our workplaces, we need more ways to ensure support so we don’t further complications, and we’re able to make a transition back-to-work more successful than what we see today.”

Post Pamper offers a blend of pampering and comprehensive postnatal care in partnership with Noble House Hotels & Resorts (Estancia La Jolla, L’Auberge Del Mar, Kona Kai San Diego and San Diego Mission Bay Resort) to offer retreats every month all year long, with another partner in Doulas of North County.

The company offers families around-the-clock access to certified experts in postpartum recovery, baby care, breastfeeding, lactation, mental health support, nutritious meals delivered with room service, in-room pelvic floor therapy, an overnight nursery, newborn education, family photography and more, for a pre-negotiated room rate. Noble House, which operates sites across the country, offers Post Pamper a business discount on hotel rooms they book for people under their care.

Post Pamper’s retreat is intended for new mothers who can book their stay any time from birth up to eight weeks postpartum. They will check into Post Pamper for three, five or seven nights and will receive premium care, education and the support they need to transition into motherhood. Families can also take part in the retreat.

Healing in Luxury

The relationship with Noble House allows Post Pamper to tap into each luxury hotel’s base of amenities, including spa treatments and meals prepared by the hotel’s chefs.

Domonique Bravo, area business and leisure travel manager for Noble House Hotels & Resorts said that partnering with the team at Post Pamper, creates a new opportunity for the lodging establishments “to celebrate and support guests during a milestone life moment.”

“Blending the desirable accommodations and amenities at each of our Noble House Hotels & Resorts San Diego properties with the care that Post Pamper provides reimagines the hotel experience in a way that is equal parts beneficial and relaxing for mothers and families and is something we’re proud to be a part of,” Bravo said.

Domonique Bravo
Area Business & Leisure Travel Manager
Noble House Hotels & Resorts

“Our properties have long been known as premier destinations for milestone celebrations and collaborating with Post Pamper expands our guest offerings and supports our goal of consistently innovating and enhancing the guest experience at all of Noble House Hotels & Resorts’ San Diego properties.”

Bravo said that Noble House Hotels & Resorts appreciate the addition of care and luxury elements to what can be a traditionally challenging time.

“Self-care for mothers and families tends not to be prioritized, so creating this type of experience is an opportunity for our properties to play a positive role in the postpartum transition,” she said.

The retreat is designed to foster healing, rest and bonding.

McGinley said San Diego was a perfect fit because the region has a strong wellness community and is focused on healthy living. She said she expects Post Pamper will draw locals but also visitors to the region looking to get some pampering, and that new moms are typically given the medical clear to travel after a baby in good health is six weeks old.

“If the care we receive during postpartum impacts the health of mothers and babies for the rest of their life, there’s no better place to demand this level of care than in a health-conscious and forward-thinking city like San Diego,” McGinley said.
Retreats Gaining Traction in U.S.

No stranger to the needs of new moms, McGinley’s career began with a leading healthcare nonprofit in Illinois now called Advocate Health Care where she worked with 13 hospitals and was director of patient access.

“I saw mothers concerned about leaving the hospitals with their babies,” McGinley recalled. “Often I would hear them say they wanted to take nurses home with them, or express concern that they didn’t feel prepared to go home yet.”

McGinley said that after being exposed to what she says is a huge gap in postpartum support, she decided to leverage her healthcare and business consulting expertise to create Post Pamper, which she bootstrapped this year with $100,000.

“Over and over again, I’d see my female colleagues in leadership have to make the tough decision of whether to come back to work after maternity leave or not,” she said. “It’s so important to provide mothers with support during the fourth trimester, especially if we want to retain female leaders in the workforce. With more support during postpartum, I believe the transition back to work would be much easier.

“Right now, it’s a complete black hole, and the first doctor’s appointment isn’t until six weeks after birth, which hardly addresses many of the concerns that arise in those critical first weeks. Mothers receive so much care and attention while pregnant, and rightfully so, but it should not end there.”

The business model of postpartum retreats or postnatal centers are common in other parts of the world, and they’re gaining popularity in the U.S., McGinley said, where one in four women return to the workplace within two weeks after giving birth.

According to the World Health Organization, the postpartum period is regarded as a critical time for women and babies to set the stage for long-term health and often neglected. Historically, postpartum care has not been a priority for new mothers in the U.S. like it is in other countries, such as South Korea, where 80% of South Korean mothers stay in specialized postpartum care centers.

Post Pamper
CEO: Katie McGinley
BUSINESS: Postpartum Care
WEBSITE: postpamper.com
CONTACT: info@postpamper.com
NOTABLE: Post Pamper touts itself as San Diego’s first postpartum retreat


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