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San Diego
Sunday, May 19, 2024

Xceptional Sets Sights on More Acquisitions

TECH SERVICES: IT Talent Shortage Brings Growth to Consulting Firm

SAN DIEGO – It isn’t surprising that in a world where technology is constantly changing and growing more advanced, tech solutions partner Xceptional is seeing changing and growing needs, which has led to the company’s growth.

Chris McKewon

Founded in 2007 by Chris McKewon, Xceptional offers strong engineering and product knowledge, vendor relationships, consulting and managed services are geared to small- to medium-sized and enterprise companies so they can outsource their IT departments and stay mindful, informed and protected.

Despite weathering macroeconomic challenges like the recession, COVID-19 and market challenges, Xceptional reports consistent year over year growth since its inception. The company reports that 2023 was a record year for revenue, profitability and headcount.

Xceptional supports hundreds of customers across dozens of industries with IT design, consulting, and implementation services and currently has more than 250 customers in a broad cross-section of verticals, including healthcare, biotech, pharma, hospitality, financial services, real estate, education and nonprofits.

McKewon said Xceptional works with companies “who need a partner to help them achieve superior business outcomes.”

Xceptional makes scalable enterprise technology solutions accessible to the average small- to medium-sized business, McKewon said, “lowering risk, achieving faster issue resolution, and successful project results. Xceptional’s mission is to show clients that they are not alone in successfully maintaining their organization’s IT operations.”

Based on the growing IT talent shortage, the rapidly changing technology landscape and the growing number of cyber-attacks and breaches, most organizations cannot source and retain the level of talent and expertise required to run and maintain a modern IT organization, said Xceptional CFO/COO Danielle Carpenter.

Danielle Carpenter

The managed services company helps with everything from traditional Help Desk needs to what Carpenter called “very sophisticated technological and security types of consulting.”

“We will sit with our clients discuss budget discuss business needs and help them develop a strategy that really not only helps them grow but also helps to mitigate a lot of the risk associated with doing business in the Internet world,” Carpenter said.

“Security is huge part of what we do and that can range everything from physical security to firewalls that would help to ensure that no malicious traffic is coming into an organization.

“We have software that addresses viruses, and we also do end-user awareness training to make sure companies are not vulnerable to phishing attempts. That kind of thing has been a huge push for us most recently.”

Growth Through Acquisition

Xceptional in June 2022 acquired Altitude Integrations, a Boulder, Colorado-based managed service provider, and grew from 14 to 21 employees, said Carpenter, who is also part of the company’s mergers and acquisitions team.

The move facilitated the company’s expansion into the Colorado market.
“After our acquisition of Altitude Integrations we saw a 25% increase in revenue,” Carpenter said.

Successful integration of the two companies was achieved in early 2023, delivering substantial value to Xceptional’s clients and stakeholders through enhanced resources and product offerings.

It was Xceptional’s first acquisition since the company announced a strategic growth plan in 2021, but with the success it has seen, it won’t be the last, Carpenter said.

Xceptional has another planned acquisition this year as it facilitates further market growth, innovation and diversification of its service offerings.

“Continuing with our regional expansion strategy will enable us to further enhance our capabilities and offerings to our clients.” McKewon said.

The company is looking to establish strategic partnerships with other IT managed services, managed security services, and cloud services organizations across multiple states that include Colorado, Nevada and Arizona and as far away as Florida, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania.

CEO: Chris McKewon
BUSINESS: Premier Technology Solutions Partner
CONTACT: (858) 225-6230 /
SOCIAL IMPACT: Company assists organizations with mitigating risk and achieving superior business outcomes through technology.
NOTABLE: Company CFO/COO Danielle Carpenter was SDBJ’s Business Woman of the Year in the small private company category in 2022 and has been a finalist for the SDBJ’s CFO of the Year several times.


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