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Software for Law Firms Integrates Chatbot

TECH: Startup Lawmatics Launches New AI

San Diego startup Lawmatics is venturing into the artificial intelligence space with the integration of chatbot tech into its user platform.

Consider a day in the life of an average attorney. Time is consumed with drafting documents and attending meetings or court appearances. The local software developers are looking to ease the load. Lawmatics operate attorney-client relationship management systems that are meant to streamline and automate the legal journey.

The target demographic runs across a broad spectrum of practice areas including estate planning, bankruptcy, criminal defense, family law, immigration law and more.

Some key features of the platform include storing information about leads and customers, creating customized greetings, providing booking and follow-up capabilities and supplying marketing solutions. There are also data visualization tools available so users can track success. Pricing starts at around $200 per month.

Matt Spiegel, Esq.
Co-founder & CEO

“Lawmatics’ primary focus is enabling lawyers to run their businesses more effectively, rather than merely becoming better lawyers,” said CEO and Co-founder Matt Spiegel, Esq. “Lawyers face the stress of managing their business operations and meeting specific requirements, all while delivering positive outcomes and exceptional service to their clients. I have always believed that technology can play a crucial role in addressing these challenges.”

Lawmatics is part of the growing space of law practice management software companies, like Clio, CosmoLex and PracticePanther.

Spiegel launched the company in 2017. He’s a former criminal defense attorney who founded the cloud-based legal practice management solution MyCase in 2010. Two years later, MyCase was acquired by AppFolio, where Spiegel served as general manager until 2015. He then founded the event marketing software platform ExpoGuru and went on to become the CEO of Australia-based consumer tech company Cammy, before returning to his roots in the legal world with Lawmatics.

“Our goal was to develop a product that empowers lawyers to prioritize customer service and enhance the overall client experience, rather than solely focusing on legal practice,” he shared.

Lawmatics’ website showcases positive case studies, like the case of Sullivan Law & Associates in Newport Beach. The firm’s 18-person staff reportedly saved 20 hours per week, averaged an increase of $500 per retainer and gained 30 more contacts each month.

This summer, Lawmatics is introducing its in-platform artificial intelligence (AI) which the company is referring to as LM[AI].

“This is the kind of breakthrough I really needed when I first started my own law practice,” said Spiegel. “As attorneys, a lot of us actually like writing. But none of us like writer’s block. With LM[AI], you never have to start from scratch.”

Much like ChatGPT or another generative AI tool, users must provide a prompt. Then, LM[AI] will draft a complete plaintext email from which users can edit the generated text or ask the system to generate rewrites.

The company aims to play a pivotal role in a so-called “smart firm” revolution – automating the legal industry with cutting-edge, intuitive and accessible technology.

Roey Chasman
Co-founder & CTO

“AI and automation are about giving businesses the tools they need to scale,” said Lawmatics CTO and Co-founder Roey Chasman. “If you can spend even a little less time on these emails, you can focus more on helping your clients and building your business.”

“The real villain here is waste,” Spiegel added. “Attorneys are just wasting time on administrative tasks, office tasks and client communication that is mundane and repetitive. Technology is a massive solution to that issue.”


COFOUNDERS: Matt Spiegel and Roey Chasman
BUSINESS: Software company
WEBSITE: lawmatics.com
CONTACT: mail@lawmatics.com
NOTABLE: In 2022, Lawmatics was recognized by TechnoLawyer as a ‘Hot Product’ in their annual Buyer’s Guide.


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