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Software Firm Deploys AI Cat As New COO

SAAS: “Jarvis” Joins QCI C-Suite Execs

Local gaming industry analytics software developer Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI) has unveiled its new COO – a cat named Jarvis. His head shot and bio are already featured under the leadership team section on the company’s website. He is, of course, not a real feline. Jarvis is a generative AI rules engine that has the capacity to communicate with four of the company’s target operational systems.

Ralph Thomas, Ph.D.
CEO & Cofounder
Quick Custom Intelligence

“Our growth is enabled by generative AI and this democratizes our company by allowing organization and management skills to be facilitated, thus empowering our team members and removing the need for an additional management layer,” said QCI CEO and Co-founder Dr. Ralph Thomas, PhD. “Jarvis is at the center of our system and his interface provides for a single view to all systems running the QCI business. This arms our team members with algorithm-driven analysis of issues and challenges and gives them the tools to reach a quick and efficient resolution.”

Jarvis will be responsible for project management and task escalation. He currently reads and processes all the CEO’s emails.

With its headquarters in Rancho Bernardo, QCI’s team uses high-tech analytical software to align player development, marketing and gaming with operational tools made for the gaming and hospitality industries. The goal is for casinos to use QCI’s on-premise, hybrid or cloud-based tech to optimize resources and profits, manage marketing campaigns and ultimately increase customer retention and loyalty.

Andrew Cardno
CTO & Co-founder
Quick Custom Intelligence

QCI first implemented Jarvis in 2022 as a traditional interface to the core system that run its company. That was before OpenAI released its generative AI powerhouse player, ChatGPT. Since then, QCI has fully embraced the new technology. “We’re very heavily into OpenAI and using its models,” QCI CTO and Co-founder Andrew Cardno said.

“We realized that we could use generative AI technology to take ChaptGPT to the next level and that’s what we did. We were able to make Jarvis much more intelligent. Now he can intelligently read emails and create tasks and interpret what people are saying in the context of what’s going on in the business. He’s been amazing for us, and we continue to improve him.”

QCI isn’t the only company to appoint AI systems as C-suite execs, like Chinese video game producer NetDragon Websoft’s which announced an AI robot named Tang Yu as its CEO.

The futurism of it all is exciting but begs the question of whether QCI’s team feels insecure about anthropomorphizing a machine and giving it a job that would normally fall onto a human.

“Actually, it’s been enormously empowering,” said Cardno. “He really helps our whole team to be very efficient and effective and do what they need to do. There are all these automated processes going on now in the background that normally would have required an administrative team member to handle, like a COO. The team loves him. Here we have someone who can help – who can run all our projects and he’s always even-tempered and he’s nearly always right,” he laughed.

The QCI AGI Platform software manages more than  $24 billion  in annual gross gaming revenue and is being used in more than 140 casino resorts spanning North America, Australia, New Zealand,  Canada,  Latin America  and The  Bahamas. QCI says its biggest partner is Seminole Gaming which operates six casino resorts on tribal land in Florida, including two Hard Rock Hotel & Casinos.

The company says it partners with about a dozen casinos in Southern California, with two in San Diego. “We’re really proud of how we work with the local tribal names and collaboration with them is really important for the San Diego area. They had a lot of history and culture. I think we’re bringing something positive to the area – to the tribal nations.”

QCI is looking forward to a major new software release in August. It also plans to continue developing and enhancing Jarvis’ capabilities. “With the help of artificial general intelligence, we see the potential to go to the next level,” he added.

Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI)

CEO & COFOUNDER: Ralph Thomas, PhD
EMPLOYEES: 50 with a third based in SD
BUSINESS: software development
WEBSITE: quickcustomintelligence.com
CONTACT: 858-299-5715
NOTABLE: This July, QCI announced its partnership with an Australian hotel group that has more than 15 gaming venues.


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