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New Seismic HQ Designed for Hybrid Workforce

SAAS: ‘Activity Zones’ Concept Replaces ‘Assigned Seating’

Seismic, Inc. is shaking up the way its workforce interacts with the office.

This month, the sales enablement software leader announced the opening of its new global headquarters – a 21,000-suare-foot space at 11455 El Camino Real designed to serve the modern office workforce.

Doug Winter
Co-founder & CEO
Seismic, Inc.

“San Diego has been our headquarters for the past 13 years and we are thrilled to bring this new, future-of-work environment into the city that has given us so much,” said Doug Winter, co-founder and CEO of Seismic.

Seismic’s future-of-work vision was designed by global strategy, design and construction firm Unispace with hybrid work in mind, anchored on the principles of flexibility and collaboration, said Seismic Chief People Officer Linda Ho.

“It is designed for our needs now and in the future,” she explained. “We are a hybrid workforce, so we fully expect people to sometimes work from home, sometimes work in the office and it’s designed with the intention of people coming into the office and being really intentional in how they use the space, whether it’s focus time or in collaboration space.”

The new headquarters occupies less square footage than Seismic’s previous office, which Ho said was intentional because of the more effective use of space in the new design.

Linda Ho
Chief People Officer
Seismic, Inc.

“Our old space had more the neighborhood/compartment concept,” she said. “That was an older way of thinking about workspace. You had your engineering cubes; you had your finance cubes – so when those people didn’t come into the office, that space was unused.”

Seismic’s new office did away with the “assigned seating” related to the neighborhood concept, Ho said, and now employs “activity zones.”

“So when you walk into this space, it’s a social hub,” she said.

The activity zones in the new office include a meeting center where employees can look in and see what departments are meeting, and where customer meetings can be held as well. There are also dedicated collaboration spaces and innovation hub spaces, and in the back, there are areas where employes can do “focused work” when they need privacy. There is also a space called The Library where employees can enjoy the proximity of coworkers while working in a focused way.

“If you want to be with people but you need hush voices, it’s a great place to work,” Ho said.

Amenity Rich

According to Unispace Senior Associate Alexandra Dupnik, recent research found that more than half of workers worldwide say they struggle to do their jobs in their current office environments.

“Seismic listened to what employees needed by creating activity zones and innovation hubs throughout the office to drive movement, spark creativity, and enable easy cross-communication for every member of the team,” she said. “Additionally, their new meeting spaces feature state-of-the-art technology  to ensure an equitable experience for all meeting attendees.”

In addition to the activity zones and technology, the new headquarters also features broad amenities for Seismic’s workforce, including a game room, a wellness lounge, a free gym and onsite childcare. The office also has ample parking, access to public transportation and is located nearby the company’s previous location at 12390 El Camino Real, which made the move less disruptive for commuters, Ho said.

The new office was also designed with San Diego aesthetics in mind.

“The new workplace pays homage to our unique location with key features like 3D-printed surfboards, meeting rooms named after California landmarks, and biophilia elements incorporated throughout the space,” Winter said.

Seismic’s new headquarters comes at a time when the company is expanding its global workforce, as well as its local C-suite with the promotion of Toby Carrigton to the position of chief business officer, and the hire of Paige O’Neill as the company’s chief marketing officer.

“We are proud to employ a hybrid, global workforce – and with our anticipated business growth, we look forward to continued expansion with local talent,” Winter said.

Seismic, Inc.

Founded: 2010
CEO: Doug Winter
Headquarters: San Diego
Business: Enterprise and enablement software
Employees: 1,600 worldwide
Website: www.seismic.com
Social Impact: In addition to its own DEI initiatives, Seismic also invests in organizations like Girls Who Code, DirectRelief, Equal Justice Initiative and ENABLEship.
Notable: Seismic was named to the 2022 Forbes Cloud 100, the definitive ranking of the top 100 private cloud companies in the world.

Two meeting room spaces in Seismic’s new headquarters. Photo courtesy Seismic

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