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Blossm Finds Growth in Plant Sales Space

CONSUMER APPS: Investor Funded Startup Sees User Base Rising

A passion for plants and desire to connect the community set the landscape for online social horticulture marketplace Blossm, which continues to, well… blossom.

The company’s first sprouts germinated in 2019 and Blossm was launched in July 2020 by Brian Feretic, Nick Mitchell, Ari Olmos and Calvin Mitchell as a way to meet like-minded people in the community who enjoy growing plants, respect and love plants, and want to share techniques and knowledge related to plants.

The mobile application and website have most recently been under the guidance of Olmos, who took over as CEO in 2022, helping thousands of users connect to buy, sell and trade plants, with the roots in a shared love of greenery. The company is headquartered in Ocean Beach.

Ari Olmos

While there is a large group of people who sell plants out of Florida, Olmos said the majority of its more than 21,000 registered users hail from San Diego, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and Las Vegas.

“It’s a lot of fun to build our audience, to see them share their stories and their personalities – everyone is unique,” Olmos said. “The kind of vision we have is to empower people to build a business and build an audience around plants and gardening around our app.”

Blossm’s roots were initially a passion project in 2020 growing out of local workshops in Feretic’s OB backyard and events in small beach area cafes. Beginning as an LLC, Olmos said, Blossm became a C corporation under his guidance in January 2023.

“The initial idea was around swapping plants and that was something that didn’t exist at the time,” Olmos said.

The company is backed by Techstars Anywhere Accelerator (techstars.com), which invested $120,000, as well as angel investors including Brock Weatherup, better known for building multiple companies in the pet space, and Eddie Medina, co-founder and COO of unicorn startup BetterUp.

This year it was selected by Connect with San Diego Venture Group as one of SoCal’s Cool Companies and was the only consumer product to get the nod. Connect’s Cool Companies since 2015 have raised more than $850 million in Series A funding.

Mike Krenn
President & CEO
Connect with San Diego Venture Group

“We love what they’re doing at Blossm,” said Mike Krenn, president and CEO at Connect with San Diego Venture Group. “The TechStars experience was a good one, and we think they’ve done a good job of differentiating themselves in what might be perceived as a semi-crowded space.”

Blossm has a rating of 4.9/5 on the iOS app store with 558 ratings, making it one of the top-rated plant apps, Olmos said.

The company has been an active participant in the geographical transplanting of plants, some of which have sold for much as $800. Blossm counts among its users those who own plants that are valued at thousands of dollars – although Olmos notes that high-line plant sales “is not for everybody.”

“We want to help people, from those who are just looking for plant clippings or free plants to those who maybe want to start a nursery business,” Olmos said. “We’re building an audience that wants to share their stories and personalities. They can find out what is trending in their neighborhood to know what plants they might want.”

More than 2,000 users have placed items for sale through Blossm. The app is free, but Blossm takes a commission on items shipped and sold.

“If you sell a $100 plant, there’s a $9 fee we take from that, with $3 going to the credit card company and we take 6%,” Olmos said.

In late June, the company recently launched its “My Jungle” feature, which lets members upload and track their plant and garden items on Blossm, share progress and get instant care help.

Olmos said the vision for Blossm is to become a one-stop place to “‘buy, share and care’ anything plants and gardening (related), and to make it incredibly easy to develop your green side with the help of friends.”


CO-FOUNDERS: Brian Feretic, Nick Mitchell, Ari Olmos, Calvin Mitchell
CEO: Ari Olmos
BUSINESS: Social marketplace
EMPLOYEES: 4 full-time, 3 part-time
WEBSITE: blossm.garden
CONTACT: hello@blossm.gaden
SOCIAL IMPACT: Company making the world greener by making plants more accessible through community.
NOTABLE: Blossom is a 2023 Connect San Diego Cool Company.


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