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Rightdevice Connects Patients to Quality Information

San Diego-based Rightdevice, a company which claims to have created the first open-source platform for the medical device industry, is working to modernize the medical industry.

Founded in 2017, by medical device experts George Kramb and Patrick Frank. Rightdevice works by helping medical device companies connect directly to patients and their outcomes. Kramb said the idea for the company came after working several years selling medical devices to a variety of different customers.

“What I saw from my years of experience, was a very clear opportunity,” said George Kramb, co-founder and CEO at Rightdevice, “In my previous position I came to know all about medical devices, the procedure, and the techniques. And I asked myself, how can I help patients through their surgical journey? So Rightdevice, a single platform that empowers every patient that has surgery, is what we went out and built.”

The Platform

Today, patients can use Rightdevice to locate information about hundreds of medical devices that is paired with peer-to-peer reviews, ratings, and surgical overviews from some of the leading surgeons across the country.

In addition, patients can also leverage its patent-pending AI pairing algorithm called, the PatientPartner program, which allows them to connect with anyone who has undergone the exact surgery they’re prepping for.

For example, if a patient potentially needs to have knee replacement surgery, using Rightdevice they can quickly connect with someone who has either recovered from that similar injury, free of charge.

In particular, it gives patients the ability to ask surgery-specific questions, learn what to expect, and hear about the recovery process first hand.

Growing Database

In total, the company currently has a network of 30,000 surgeons, more than 500 devices, and 100 patients on its platform, to date.

David Fabi, a San Diego medical doctor and orthopedic surgeon specializing in joint replacement at Orthopaedic Associates Medical Group, said he has found Rightdevice to be valuable to both patients and surgeons.

“I think that is a service that is very valuable to patients because we, as surgeons, want you to be as comfortable as possible going into your operation,” said Fabi. “There are a lot of fears and uncertainties going into surgery but what this program can do is, partner you with one of the surgeons’ former patients. That patient can be your coach and mentor to talk you through the process and address those fears and concerns.”

Rightdevice business model works by charging a one-time onboarding and monthly subscription fee to medical device companies, hospital systems, and private practice.

Roughly 1,000 Signups

Officially launched this past summer, Kramb said, the company has already received nearly 1,000 signups to use the platform.

“This market is one of the last to innovate from a consumer technology standpoint.Where other industries have been rapidly evolving to provide more transparency and information, the medical device industry is just getting started” said Frank. “What we have built is a novel idea in healthcare, and nobody else is doing this. We are offering technology that is much needed by both patients and surgeons.”

An early-stage startup, the short-term goal is to start in Southern California and expand into additional cities once the team can demonstrate significant traction. Ultimately, the big picture goal is to roll its platform out nationwide, said Kramb.

The local company recently moved into new office space in La Jolla Village to support its team growth, the team currently employs five with additional hires anticipated in the upcoming months.


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