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Readydesk Launches New Product To Meet Demand

Due to stay-at-home orders implemented nationwide, causing working professionals to transition to work from home, Readydesk, a University Heights-based provider of standing desks, has become a no brainer solution for those wanting to make the most out of their workday. 

New Product Released

The company, founded by two inventors released its new product called, Allstand, to help workers and teachers work and feel better. Fortunate timing, as their March sales revenue was up by 700 percent, according to co-founder Joe Nafziger. 

About 95 percent of office jobs have transitioned either to working from home or they no longer have one. More than ever, people are now working from home, yet they weren’t prepared for this shift. Over the past few weeks, business has been through the roof for Readydesk as people are looking for better solutions to improve their workspace.

Founded in 2014, co-founders Joe Nafziger and Ben Larson designed their desktop conversion unit for people who are interested in having proper posture.

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“We offer a simple way to adapt your dining room table, guest room, kitchen counter, and we do it all through our simple wooden risers,” co-founder and inventor of Readydesk, Joe Nafziger said.

Being one of the early pioneers in the space, standing desks was not always the popular choice as people initially joked about the idea. Now, it is a heavily competitive market as standing desks have gained popularity from the masses, ReadyDesk’s customer loyalty is won through its design and affordability.

Its products are easy to assemble and require no tools to assemble, using independent adjustable shelves, their units serves customers of all heights.

Serving the Education Market

In a time where education is primarily online and virtual, it is progressively important that teachers have the functionality and office setup to effectively deliver their lesson plans to their students. 

Nafziger said, “My wife is a college professor who teaches exercise science. You can imagine it can be a very weird virtual class, but she’s been able to use the Readydesk to hold her laptop at a great angle so people can see her better. Compared to a normal desk, it doesn’t have the same adaptability.”

Manufactured in a facility in El Cajon, their products are made in the U.S. out of forested Birch. In compliance with the COVID-19 regulations, their production facility also transforms over the weekend, to rapidly produce face shields for local hospitals.

To date, the company raised over $30,000 from its Kickstarter campaign. Since then, the co-founders have been able to maintain operations without needing to raise additional financing. In total, the company holds multiple patents and has sold over 10,000 units since its inception.

In total, the company’s gross revenue, which includes sales of accessories such as cable straps and standing mats, topped $2 million. This year, Readydesk projects revenue numbers to reach more than a half million dollars.

Their latest product, named Allstand, currently sells at $49 and is marketed as the “Swiss army knife” of shelving. The product comes in three assembly modes — laptop, tablet and drafting — and can be used on an office desk, kitchen counter, and furniture.

Five Star Ratings

Today, sales are split between the Readydesk site and Amazon. Some companies have bought multiple desks for employees’ use, but primarily most customers are individuals, the company said. Readydesk’s products have been rated five stars over 100 times on Amazon and were nominated for a “Best Design” award, by Apartment Therapy. 

The company said it expects the standing desk market to continue to grow as the number of employees place a greater emphasis on their health and the trend of working at home becomes the new normal.

“Our goal moving forward is to continue listening to customers about how we can improve. Whether that’s the finishing or a particular issue with our products. This is an opportunity for us to keep getting bigger, especially when things are going to be changing so much. This is a great second chance for us to capitalize on it,” Nafziger said.


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