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Quarter Finalists Named for San Diego Angel Conference

The San Diego Angel Conference which seeks to pair local startups with new investors, have narrowed down applicants to 27 semifinalists.

Mysty Rusk, director of the Brink Small Business Development Center at the University of San Diego, is organizing the conference. Silvia Mah, director of the university’s Center for Peace and Commerce, is serving as fund manager.

Participating investors vetted applications from more than 100 entrepreneurs, across industries from biotech to software. The field will later be narrowed down to 12 semifinalists. Those companies will deliver their 10-minute pitches before an audience on March 28, with the winner taking home a $200,000 cash prize pooled together by the angel investors.

The quarter-finalists include:

• Advice Analytics

• Agtools

• Basilard BioTech

• Biglio

• Capienda Biotech

• Cardea Bio

• DeepFlow

• Eagle Cap Software

• gravityAI

• GroGuru

• Instream Water

• ion Learning

• Leulan Bioscience


• Noria Water Technologies


• Omnistruct

• SageMedic

• SmartProperty

• The Good Face Project

• TigoHealth Beth

• TumorGen

• UpgradeStay

• Visicell Medical

• Visionful

• Welfie

• WinSanTor


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