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Qualcomm, China Partner Unveil New LIDAR Platform

TECH: Auto Pipeline Now Driving $19B in Revenue

Qualcomm Technologies and Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd. (GWM) made a splash in China last month with the debut of GWM’s new autonomous vehicle LIDAR driving system, which utilizes Qualcomm’s proprietary Snapdragon Digital Chassis Platform.

GWM’s new Mocca DHT-PHEV LIDAR – part of the Chinese automaker’s WEY brand — was unveiled at the Chengdu Motor Show on Aug. 29.

Building on the partnership between GWM and Qualcomm, GWM’s LIDAR will be equipped with the Snapdragon Digital Chassis.

Qualcomm said in a press note released in conjunction with the auto show that the partnership with GWM “leverage[es] Snapdragon Auto Connectivity Platforms for fast and reliable connectivity” with third generation “Snapdragon Cockpit Platform’s leading compute performance and rich audio and visual processing capabilities.”

The LIDAR system utilizes the Snapdragon Ride Platform for advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving systems (AD), allowing GWM to offer “China’s first commercialized vehicle” to feature Qualcomm’s platform, the note also stated.

Cristiano Amon
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In July, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon said, “In automotive, the Snapdragon Digital Chassis is fast becoming the industry’s platform of choice and is enabling the transition to next-generation vehicles.”

Qualcomm’s automotive design pipeline is now “over $19 billion,” Amon said – up $3 billion just since Q2. “We are very pleased with the continued traction and design wins across global automakers and Tier 1 partners,” Qualcomm’s CEO added.

Qualcomm made a major move into the automotive sector earlier this year when the company purchased Swedish firm Veoneer, a pioneer in autonomous driving software. In 2022, the Volkswagen Group’s software company CARIAD also tapped Qualcomm to supply chips to enable assisted and automated driving functions for VW-made vehicles expected to hit the market in 2025.


Auto Investor Day Coming

Qualcomm will be hosting its Automotive Investor Day on September 22 in San Diego. The event, to be livestreamed, will feature an overview of the company’s automotive-related business vision and strategies — and will also include a live Q&A session with company executives.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Ride Platform is a comprehensive portfolio for high performance central compute and vision system solutions based on the Snapdragon family of automotive system-on-chips (SoCs) and accelerator products.

Qualcomm’s low-power, high-performance platforms allow for scaling all tiers of ADAS and AD systems, ranging from regulatory NCAP solutions to highly automated driving.

Utilizing the Snapdragon Ride Platform, the WEY Mocca DHT-PHEV LIDAR Edition is designed to process more than 12 cameras, multi-radars and lidars on the combination of the industry leading 5nm ADAS SoC and accelerator, while implementing a safety critical ADAS system.

Qualcomm, in its press note, said its Snapdragon Ride Platform will provide “differentiated intelligent driving solutions and unique customization” for the WEY LIDAR system, “from concept to start of production, which is projected to be in less than two years.”

The system has support for real-time rendering, high-resolution display and extreme color reproduction of images captured with vehicle’s cameras on its cockpit screens, which allows users to enjoy “more convenient, smarter and safer immersive driving experiences,” the note also stated.


International Collaboration

Great Wall and Qualcomm have collaborated for several years across multiple technology areas, including advanced in-vehicle connectivity and digital cockpit.

GWM has already launched several commercial vehicles using Qualcomm Technologies’ intelligent connected vehicle (ICV) products, which are powered by Snapdragon Digital Chassis solutions.

GWM makes gas and electric vehicles (EVs) and is planning to roll out hydrogen fuel cell SUVs later this year. The company was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in Hebei Province. China’s largest manufacturer of SUVs and the country’s eighth-largest auto maker, GWM sold 1.3 million vehicles in 2021.

GWM shares are listed on the Hong Kong (HSI) stock exchange and also on the U.S. OTC market under the ticker GWLLY. The company has more than 100 subsidiaries and over 60,000 employees.


Great Wall Motor Co.
CEO: Wang Fengying
EMPLOYEES: 60,000+
HEADQUARTERS: Baoding, China
ANNUAL SALES: 1.3 million (2021)
NOTABLE: GWM is China’s largest SUV manufacturer.

Qualcomm Technologies
CEO: Cristiana Amon
EMPLOYEES: 41,000+
REVENUE: $33.57 billion (2021)
WEBSITE: www.qualcomm.com
SOCIAL IMPACT: Qualcomm says it is working to “create a world where everyone and everything can be intelligently connected.”
NOTABLE: The company just signed a multi-year global strategic collaboration agreement with English soccer club Manchester United that will feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon brand.


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