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Mobile Golftech Biz Back on Growth Trajectory

TECHNOLOGY: ‘Exclusive’ TrackMan Gains Traction at Tournaments

SAN DIEGO – Driving business professionals toward more tee times on the golf course was the impetus behind the start of Around The Box Events.
Around the Box, co-founded by former professional golfer Geoff Goldstein, is hired by organizations to set up on a golf course technology from a piece of equipment called TrackMan.

Geoff Goldstein
Around the Box Events

TrackMan is essentially a mobile radar and video technology unit that tracks the trajectory of a golf ball from launch to landing with the ability to measure the full ball flight to produce the highest quality data. It was created by Denmark golfers Klaus and Morten Eldrup-Jorgensen and engineer Frederik Tuxen.

Goldstein brings TrackMan to golf events, setting up at a certain tee location and lets the equipment do its thing – letting golfers know just how far, fast, straight and well – or how not-so-well – their golf ball has traveled on a certain hole.
Groups that hire Around The Box Events have Goldstein share the gleaned statistics and even offer prizes for the golfers’ different documented accomplishments.

Goldstein co-founded Around The Box Events right around the time when COVID changed the way people interacted with one another, both indoors and outside.
While the pandemic impacted Around The Box Events, cancelling nearly all of its planned 65 events in 2020, the company has survived and thrived, and expects to be part of 120 golf events.

“Around The Box was created to get business folks back on the golf course with smaller groups at Country Club of Rancho Bernardo,” said Goldstein, who golfed professionally from 1996 to 2001. “I had a few events in 2020, while properly social distancing. Then in 2021, some of the golf events came back, but they were doing tee times. The fields for the golf events were super small.”

Goldstein said he nearly lost his business “pretty much overnight.”

“No events, no golf instruction, no clinics, no video lessons… nothing,” he said. “I was able to get a PPP loan in May 2020 via David Miles, for which I’m forever grateful, with US Bank. They saved me.”

Things are Turning Around

Around The Box was part of the LPGA Tour’s Pro-Am in Los Angeles in April, with more than 300 golfers gleaning information and learning about their drives, earning prizes from sponsors of the event.

Getting on board with the LPGA is a major coup for Goldstein.

“That was the first for us to be with the with the LPGA,” he said. “We’ve done some stuff with the Epson Tour (formerly the LPGA Futures Tour, a developmental golf tour with the PGA Tour) out in Beaumont, but this was our first legitimate start with the LPGA event at the Wilshire Country Club.”

Goldstein said he contracted with the company that runs the event (Outlyr) and had a sponsor at the tee box, Outlier Jets.

“We were there from 7 in the morning until 6 p.m. and we had 336 golfers come through and get the experience,” Goldstain said. “It was one of those events that we are elevating the experience to actually support the LPGA Tour, and that’s part of my goal, to get in that realm, on that level.”

Goldstein works with myriad local nonprofits for their golf events, which for some can mean hundreds of thousands of fundraising dollars. Goldstein typically discounts his price for nonprofits, putting his own profits on the back burner, so the organizations can collect more.

He also leaves the area for nonprofit activity and later this month will travel to Massachusetts to be part of retired baseball player David Ortiz’s annual golf tournament, the David Ortiz Soiree of Hearts Boston Heart Classic, benefitting the David Ortiz Children’s Fund.

Goldstein has also collaborated with Todd Perry, head of Truluck’s Restaurant Group, which was based in San Diego but has since relocated to Florida. Truluck’s in the past offered a high-end food experience, including a chef’s dining experience/cocktail party, on the Around the Box Events tee box sites at several local charity golf events.

Perry said he saw tremendous impact in business, exposure and branding with Around The Box Events activation and plans to partner on several golf events this year and in 2025 in the Florida market

Working with Kennedy Golf

Holly Kennedy, owner of Emerald Isle Golf Course and president of the San Diego Junior Golf Association, started her career as the tournament director at Singing Hills Resort in El Cajon, where for 16 years, she annually coordinated more than 300 tournaments.

Holly Kennedy
Emerald Isle Golf Course

In 2010, she started her own golf tournament planning company, Kennedy Golf, to help nonprofit and charity fundraising groups run their events from start to finish. She has also been a mentor to Goldstein.

Her focus with Kennedy Golf was to help groups run their tournaments more efficiently and professionally, including providing fun and engaging experiences for the players, provide them with best practices for fundraising and find ways to expand their fundraising potential.

She said she and Goldstein had crossed paths a few years after she started Kennedy Golf and she noticed immediately that TrackMan was a unique offering and had the potential to grow in a number of ways.

Kennedy referred him to a wide range of groups and introduced what he was doing as a must-have, value add to their tournaments, she said. As such a one-of-a-kind experience, it was an easy sell for the nonprofits to offer it as a sponsorship opportunity.

“TrackMan technology is somewhat exclusive and not easily accessible for the average golfer,” Kennedy said. “What Geoff and I worked on over the years were ideas for creating a golf experience around the technology. From there he grew his network of partners to deepen the gifting part of his business model, which in turn created even more exclusivity for his brand.”

Around The Box Events
CO-FOUNDER AND CEO: Geoff Goldstein
BUSINESS: Golf Technology Activation
EMPLOYEES: 1 plus contractors
WEBSITE: roundtheboxevents.com
CONTACT: 619-710-9300 or support@aroundtheboxevents.com
SOCIAL IMPACT: Gives back portion of money raised at tournaments back to nonprofits.
NOTABLE: A former pro golfer, CEO Goldstein has shot 59 twice and is considering a run at the Champions Tour, first set of qualifiers in May.


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