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iboss Headquarters is Boston-Bound

iboss, the fast-growing cybersecurity company that opened a new San Diego headquarters building in 2015 with much fanfare, has moved its headquarters to Boston.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker joined CEO Paul Martini in announcing the move May 17.

The company also released a statement saying that it did not plan to leave San Diego.

iboss is apparently expanding to Boston because of the talent available there.

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“When we were looking to expand our footprint in order to hire the best leadership and employees possible, Boston was at the top of our list due to its renowned universities and vibrant talent pool,” said Martini, who will now be based in Boston.

The CEO reportedly told the Boston Business Journal that iboss initially wanted a small Boston office, but that the wealth of talent in Boston, as well as iboss’ immediate need to hire, changed his mind.

Martini founded the company with his fraternal twin, Peter Martini, who will reportedly stay in San Diego. The brothers were sole owners until Goldman Sachs Private Capital invested $35 million in late 2015.

Paul Martini received his computer science degree from UC San Diego. iBoss was founded in 2003, and has 43,000 square feet at the former SAIC data center on Campus Point Drive near University Towne Center.

Iboss released a written statement from Paul Martini, which said: “We are naming Boston the corporate headquarters but we are not leaving San Diego. In fact, we are continuing to expand in San Diego and are always looking to hire skilled engineers, sales, finance and operations talent.

“Our explosive growth requires us to expand to other areas, and Boston has a history of expertise in cybersecurity and software-as-a-service which will enable us to hire the leadership needed to continue developing the innovations iboss is known for.

“We will always be dedicated to San Diego and will continue our work with the community, just like our recent event with the Westview High School Cybersecurity Club and engineering students from UCSD at our San Diego office.”

It was not immediately clear how many iboss employees will make the move from San Diego to Boston.

The business’ new headquarters building, located a short distance from Boston Common and Boston Harbor, has 23,000 square feet.

The business said in a press release that it plans to hire nearly 200 people, and that it is planning to grow its staff to more than 400. In the Boston Business Journal article, Martini reportedly predicted that iBoss’ Massachusetts head count could hit 1,000.

Though some companies have left San Diego for other states because of tax incentives, that does not appear to be the case with iboss and Massachusetts.


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