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Hyduro Inc. Helps People Maximize Hydration

Hyduro Inc., a La Jolla based company that helps people maximize their hydration, has launched its first innovative product.


PUL SmartCap is a first-of-its-kind, mobile-connected smart cap that utilizes real-time fluid tracking, metric-based daily goals and intelligent reminders to optimize personal hydration, according to the company.

As a result of the release, Hyduro could reach $5.2 million in revenue in 2022, said Jock Thompson, founder and CEO.

“The science behind it starts as an algorithm – everything is individualized per person,” he said. “It starts with gender, weight, age and takes other things into account, like outside weather, elevation – all these things that are built into the app. Then it takes into account what exercises you are doing, how you sleep, etc., because all of that impacts your hydration. Lastly, it integrates into wearables and readiness goals using analytics.

“The difference between what we do and maybe like an Apple Watch is that it talks about hydration but doesn’t talk about how it impacts your health and wellness,” continued Thompson. “This closes the loop on that. What you get is real-time hydration tracking and how that impacts your sleep, heart rate and other variability.”

To Thompson’s point, hydration plays a crucial role in optimizing brain function, heart health, metabolism and healthy aging.


The PUL SmartCap connects directly to users’ iPhones through the PUL App, said Thomspon, which users can use to dynamically manage their hydration goals via its proprietary technology, SensorFlow, that tracks the amount of fluid exiting the cap in real-time.

“The PUL SmartCap is a modern approach to hydration that closes the gap between the user experience and real-time data tracking, unlike anything currently on the market,” said Miles Bowles, founder and chief product officer. “It’s designed to provide a simple, smart and effective solution to help users create healthier habits in the long run that transcend beyond just hydration.”

PUL SmartCap is manufactured by Clarity Design out of San Diego. A third-party logistics company called ShipCalm in Carlsbad works as its fulfillment center. It is sold on PulHydration.com and retails for $99.

PUL SmartCap is made with an anti-microbial material and insulated dual-wall construction and has a universal fit that allows it to pair with most standard wide-mouth bottles (it does come with a complimentary BPS + BPA-free stainless-steel bottle). Color-coded LED lights indicate hydration status, said Thompson. The  PUL SmartCap is fully rechargeable.


Founded in 2017, Hyduro originally kicked off with a design for a backpack for surfers to drink water. But between 2018 and 2019, Bowles and Thompson switched gears, refocusing their energies on what would later become PUL SmartCap.

“With the backpack, you could push a button that would squirt water in a user’s mouth. When we realized we could measure how much water would squirt in a person’s mouth, we knew that it was genius,” said Thompson. “That overtook the automation of pushing a button that squirted in the mouth. That became hard to manufacture anyway. The huge miss is none of these devices measure how much water you intake. That’s when we put the pump to the side and focused on the real science.”

Hyduro Inc.


FOUNDER/CEO: Jock Thompson


BUSINESS: Co. that helps people maximize their hydration.

REVENUE: Projected to reach $5.2M in 2022


WEBSITE: https://pulhydration.com/

NOTABLE: Miles Bowles started Hyduro as a project while attending SDSU.

CONTACT: Info@Hyduro.com


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