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Get Ready to Hit Startup Scene South of the Border

San Diego startup folks will have a chance to tour coworking spaces, dev shops, and manufacturing facilities south of the border later this month during the Tijuana Startup Crawl.

The event is being organized by leaders of Tijuana’s startup community, a nonprofit called Frontera Founders. The group was founded by David Peguero, the guy who used to head up marketing for one of TJ’s biggest tech incubators, Mind Hub.

Although Tijuana has a burgeoning startup scene, Peguero said it’s still in its infancy. There’s still not a big enough concentration of startups to support an event like Startup Week in San Diego. Instead, he wanted to highlight resources in Tijuana that San Diego entrepreneurs could make use of. For example, Tijuana is home to manufacturers such as Bucher Industries, which can manufacture short-runs and prototypes for startups. Attendees of this year’s Tijuana Startup Crawl will get to tour Bucher, and meeting representatives in-person.

Attendees will also get to visit Mind Hub, the tech incubator and coworking space where the Startup Crawl after party will take place.

David Peguero

Peguero said it’s important for San Diego founders to be guided through Tijuana if they’ve never done business there before.

“People worry about where to go and who to talk to,” Peguero said. “They even worry about something as simple as crossing the border.”

So Startup Crawl was created to help guide San Diego founders into unfamiliar territory, helping entrepreneurs make the connections they need to do cross-border business.

This is the second year Tijuana has hosted a Startup Crawl, and Peguero said he took notes from last year’s attendees to improve on the event.

“There was a lot of interest in startups, software development, and manufacturing,” Peguero said.

As a result of that feedback, the tour includes a stop at one of Tijuana’s most successful startups, Jelp, along with dev shops, tech spaces, and manufacturers.

The event, which is scheduled for Friday, July 21, includes five tracks with buses chauffeuring attendees around the city to visit over 30 locations.

Although Frontera is targeting San Diego entrepreneurs for the event, Peguero said Startup Crawl would also be a good fit for business leaders, companies that wish to collaborate across the border, and students.

Tickets are between $35 and $50, depending on which track the attendee chooses.


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