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Gatsby Provides Brands with Social Analytics

San Diego-based Gatsby, a business-to-business influencer marketing platform, has launched an automated suite of tools to provide analytics on micro-influencers.

Founder and CEO Brett Bernstein said the latest launch was sparked by the surge in demand from brands wanting a way to connect with the right microinfluencers and follow their performance.

“The biggest request we hear from brands is that, while they love the data and being able to build an army of micro-influencers easily, they need a way to track when all these hundreds or thousands of micro-influencers are actually posting, and a way to measure their engagement, reach, growth and overall effect on the company’s brand awareness. So, we developed those very things,” said Bernstein.

The suite of tools includes a new dashboard, scoring system and integrations in an automated micro-influencer management system. The platform works by rating customers for compatibility and offers more customization when searching for keywords and specific follow sizes.


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In partnership with Klaviyo, an email marketing platform used by online retailers and Shopify merchants, Gatsby is using subscriber pop-ups and other voluntary opt-in fields to gather Instagram handles from customers.

In addition, clients can then view micro-influencers with whom their customers interact and connect with those who work best for partnerships.

Gatsby’s clients range from small brands to large companies, but over the years their target customers have been primarily clients with more than 100,000 monthly website visitors.

Bernstein said the company typically works with brands in beauty and cosmetics, health and wellness, and fashion, adding that they typically have a strong customer base that also has a high social component.

This year, the company has been helping brands like Steve Madden and Fashion Nova identify their most social customers on Instagram. A growing industry, influencer marketing is expected to top $9.7 billion this year, resulting in $56 billion in revenue for brands  —  Gatsby is seeking to capitalize on this.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we’re going to be displaying for the brand around the analytics,” said Bernstein. “We’re also going to make our G-score even more intelligent. So the longer you use Gatsby, the more intelligent your scoring system will be.”

Growing Demand

The company also saw a significant uptick of new users once the government issued stay-at-home orders in March. From months March through May, its self-service solution saw about a 49% increase in app installs and has been growing steadily at about 5% each month.

The company charges businesses a monthly subscription to use their tools, the cost depends on what the client needs. Bernstein said the company has hundreds of paying clients, but didn’t disclose annual revenue.

The founder bootstrapped the company before seeking additional funding from investors, the company will raise a Series A in early 2021.

On the sales side, the company is expected to close several major deals at the end of this year, which Bernstein claims will transcend the business. Headquartered in Little Italy, the early-stage company employs five.

Bernstein, a San Diego native moved his startup to San Diego in 2018. Prior to Gatsby he built and sold Natural Cravings, a vending machine company in 2012. He also worked a few years at cloud-based file sharing company Box.

“Our business has never been better. I have more of a life balance and beyond that, I live near my network, my family and have access to the Southern California perks,” said Bernstein. “The company’s grown faster, I’ve been more successful and more focused. It’s been remarkable.” 


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