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Easie Launches AI-Powered Invoice Solution

Business consulting firm Easie is breaking into the software space.


On April 26, the company announced the launch of Easie Invoice AI – the first AI product offered from Easie’s Document AI software suite.

“The Easie engineering team developed this custom solution to assist our clients working in the finance industry,” said Easie CEO Rock Vitale. “The idea of analyzing invoices, whether it’s accounts payable automation or financial services consulting or anything between, we saw this as a giant pain point that our clients were having.”


Easie Invoice AI features an intuitive user interface where users can drag and drop multiple PDFs or PNG image files and using proprietary computer vision technology, the software rapidly analyzes the invoices. The software returns identified key fields and values in the live interface, displaying document processing statuses in real time. Users also may preview scanned invoices, edit and review values, and export scanned invoice jobs into a CSV file for high-level summarized human review.


The technology can also detect handwritten notes on invoices and the software may be customized to integrate into any business application, user experience, or format as needed by Easie’s engineering team.

“This technology really goes to show how machine learning and AI can be used to create customizable solutions for any business need.,” said Dominique Sobieski, Easie senior R&D; specialist. “Invoice AI is just the beginning – our first toe dipped in for some clients’ needs and from here we really can go to the moon.”


A Different Take on Work


Vitale pointed out that developing a software product to improve their workday is in line with his company’s mission.


“At Easie, one of our core principles is to find better ways to do work,” he said. “We’re excited to offer a viable streamlined solution so more businesses can provide their workers with the right tools to increase performance and spend their time achieving their fullest potential.”


Vitale founded Easie in 2018 in search of his own better way to do work. Prior to founding the company, he worked in what he described as “deep corporate,” which wore him down with the daily grind and commuting.


He wanted to branch out and do different types of work and came up with the idea of creating a network on consultants that could work as a “centralized team of business professionals that can rapidly mobilize to form teams to produce custom projects for business clients.”


Today, the Easie network employs around 240 people and offers its services to around 40 different industries.


“Fintech AI is just one of a ton of things that we work on,” he said and listed design work, technology development, branding, creative, marketing, 3D scanning of buildings and content creation as areas of expertise that Easie offers clients.


Vitale said Easie’s model is different from gig economy work where people use a website to find a specialist “with minimal central control” and “hope for the best.” Easie is a team, he said, that is “more like a strategic business partner or consulting firm rather than a staffing firm.”


Expanding Software Suite


Although Easie was founded on consulting, technology has always been “an underpinning” of what the company does, Vitale said. That part of the company is growing.


“We’ve expanded heavily into AI, augmented reality and other kinds of sub focus like computer vision and natural language processing – really just organically as part of what our clients have requested,” he said.


Easie Invoice AI is the first product in an eventual platform to analyze documents in an automated way. The next offering will be a program to analyze documents for “anchor key words” using computer vision to help the financial services industry manage compliance documents.  

“It’s another situation where we’re hearing, ‘Hey, we really want this to be created,’” Vitale said.


Another product the company is working on is software to analyze video streams for uses like detecting hazards at schools like a person carrying a gun, or issues at job sites like a worker not wearing a hard hat.  

“Those things that are traditionally delegated to a human being we can now use technology augmented systems to help with,” Vitale said.


Founded: 2018

Headquarters: San Diego

CEO: Rock Vitale

Business: Consulting and software firm for business needs

Revenue: Over $1 million

Employees: 20 core team, 250 in network

Website: soeasie.com

Notable: Easie network offers specialist consultants in over 40 different industries.


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