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ClickUp Launching New Ad Campaign During Super Bowl LVI

San Diego-based ClickUp, a company that makes collaborative workplace software for businesses, is launching its first Super Bowl TV commercial at this year’s big game.

The ad was filmed this week in Los Angeles County and will air during Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, which NBC will broadcast on Feb. 13.


Last year’s Super Bowl drew more than 96 million viewers. According to adage.com, CBS got about $5.6 million for a half-minute commercial for the 2021 Super Bowl. NBC is said to be asking as high as $6.5 million for a 30-second ad during this year’s game.

ClickUp shot two commercials this past week in L.A. as part of the company’s effort to connect more people to its platform. The two ads “are polar opposites,” said ClickUp Chief Creative Officer Melissa Rosenthal. One spot is “an over-the-top Super Bowl commercial” with lots of bells and whistles. The other, Rosenthal says, reimagines a historical scene, a defining moment in the country’s history, showing what things could have been like if ClickUp had been around.

“One lets us run the gamut of an over-the-top Super Bowl commercial, and the other is something a little different, maybe not seen any other Super Bowl commercial,” said Rosenthal, who joined the ClickUp team 1½ years ago, and has worked with co-founder and CEO Zeb Evans to create a “best-in-class” agency.

ClickUp is one of the fastest-growing software-as-a-service companies and has raised $535 million in less than 18 months through Series A, B and C funding rounds.

SaaS Platform Spurs Workplace Productivity

The company developed a cloud-based software platform that brings together more than a dozen productivity tools for the workplace, including spreadsheets, communications and project management.


ClickUp officials say that the company has helped more than 800,000 teams and millions of users lead more productive lives. It has 85,000 paying customers, with 90 percent of them using three or more of its products.

The company’s overall revenue has tripled in past last year as its customer base has more than doubled.

Rosenthal said that everything the company does works to humanize the product, pushing out SaaS features that help people at what she characterized as “multiple pain points” create a wholistic user experience that eases their workplace frustrations.

Company Employees Appear in Ads

The two commercials filmed for the Super Bowl won’t include any A-list celebrities, Rosenthal said. But some of the company’s own employees will make appearances. ClickUp wants its message to be the strongest selling point, not an actor taking the spotlight as a spokesperson, Rosenthal added.

“This is such a milestone on our journey as a brand and what we are looking to do,” she said. “This is something we’re building for the long term. It’s a big opportunity for us.”

Rosenthal said that because the company’s Out of Home (OOH) strategy has been successful, ClickUp is “doubling down on that and along with that, taking bigger bets,” such as the Super Bowl commercial as a way to reach a much larger audience.

She said the company is also potentially looking to be part of a Netflix series in the future.

On the OOH front, Evans said that from early on, ClickUp has “taken a bet on the power of out of home advertising to help us reach and connect with new audiences. Any great advertising campaign must be able to connect with audiences wherever they may be through consistent messaging that resonates,” he added. “ClickUp’s productivity platform solves a challenge that we all understand – the need to be more productive and save time each week to invest in what matters most to you.”

Evans said that as far as the global reach of the Super Bowl commercial goes, “it is a strategic investment in our brand and a chance to show audiences why we believe so strongly in our mission of making the world more productive. We recognize the unique moment we are in and see an opportunity to use or creative voice to bring people together in order to help shape the future of work in a way that benefits everyone around the world.”

Picking a Winner

Rosenthal said to pick the “winning” Super Bowl commercial, the company will use different platforms and panels to engage its community and run polls across the company, take data sets and then make a final decision. She said regardless of which ad gets chosen for the big game, both ads will run on NBC during the winter Olympics starting in early February.


ClickUp, which launched in 2017 in Silicon Valley and moved its headquarters to San Diego in 2019, has been ranked in the top 100 spenders in OOH advertising, according to Out of Home Advertising Association of America Ad Revenue Report findings.


ClickUp is transcending OOH along with companies like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and GrubHub, among others, as a leader in software and technology companies entering mainstream advertising.

Well Capitalized

ClickUp raised $35 million in a Series A funding round in June 2020, $135 million in a Series B in December 2020 and another $400 million in a Series C in October 2021.


Silicon Valley venture capital powerhouses Andreessen Horowitz and Tiger Global led ClickUp’s latest funding round.

Customers that use its subscription software include working groups with Netflix, IBM, Booking.com and the San Diego Padres, whose Petco Park home is located close to ClickUp’s headquarters in the DiamondView Tower.



CEO: Zeb Evans

HEADQUARTERS: 10th Avenue in East Village

BUSINESS: SaaS startup management platform custom tailored to individual projects and teams

VALUATION: $4 billion

USER BASE: 800,000 teams worldwide


WEBSITE: www.clickup.com

NOTABLE: 40 percent of its client base is from outside the United States

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