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San Diego
Thursday, May 30, 2024

Canyon Crest Students Create Financial Services Firm

Four Canyon Crest Academy high school students are gaining real-world investing experience thanks to their advanced business management class.

And they want you to join them.

Nathan Benhaim, Kian Chakamian, Hunter Oates and Miguel Yniguez have launched their own financial services company called Oasis Decentralized Autonomous Organization – or Oasis DAO, proclaiming on their website that they want to make non-fungible token (NFT) investing “safe, stable and simple.”

This isn’t the first time the students have been on the same team. All four played for Canyon Crest’s basketball team last season.

“We are all interested in basketball, but also in crypto NFTs,” said Benhaim, Oasis DAO’s CEO.


“We are introducing NFT and NFT investing to our main target market, and we want to make a relatively conservative investment, take some slight risks but with us explaining to them what we’re doing,” Benhaim said. “Everything we do is transparent. It will go to our one wallet so our investors can see any transaction. Everything is trackable and there is no funny business, no fake profits.”

Oasis DAO COO Oates said the class project has helped him “learn some of the tricks of the trade in crypto investing,” and while he said he thinks the market can be volatile, people close to them have been signing on to be part of the project.

Junior Achievement Competition

“Right now, we have our strongest support from our families, friends of our families and other connections we have made,” Oates said.

While Oasis DAO was created for a Junior Achievement competition at Canyon Crest, its ultimate goal is to create a functioning DAO, the students say, one that will allow its holders to benefit financially from the NFT boom and also create relationships within the team’s DAO community.

Benhaim said that as of mid-March, the group had $1,700 pooled collectively in Oasis DAO.

“We aim to multiply the DAO’s digital asset balance as much as possible while maintaining a conservative approach to possible DAO investments,” said Oasis DAO CMO Yniguez.

Benhaim said the group only has a month for the competition and have been doing their research, gleaning information for strategic investments and getting the website set up.


Now they are looking for investors.


“We have spent a good amount of time waiting for the right opportunity,” Benhaim said. “All of our trades are short term, waiting a week at the longest and then selling for a profit. We would look for a longer term [trade] if we think we can make a profit. Because this is an investment service, not a product. It could go down or it could go up a lot.”

Seeking Profits

The students’ decentralized autonomous organization shares a common goal – to make a profit in the digital asset market.

As collective managers of the assets, Benhaim, Chakamian, Oates and Yniguez will take care of the investment details, while investors participating in the DAO get a stake without needing any special knowledge, NFT trading experience or time investment.

Oasis DAO is a financial investing service and community that the four students say is making conservative investments in NFTs, which are non-interchangeable units of data stored on a blockchain – a form of digital ledger – that can be sold and traded.

Oasis DAO’s digital assets are put on the Ethereum blockchain platform, which establishes a peer-to-peer network to execute and verify application code on behalf of the DAO members. The application code, also called smart contracts, allow participants to conduct transactions without a central authority.


Oasis DAO investors’ funds will be used to trade NFTs and other assets. The profits made from the trades will be returned proportionally to members based on their initial investments. Members contribute to a liquidity pool and receive vote tokens from the Oasis DAO management depending on the investment.

Craig Pollard is in his third year as a business teacher at San Dieguito Union High School District’s Canyon Crest Academy, where there are 2,300 students. The four kids who started Oasis DAO are in one of his three advanced business classes.

As part of the class, students have to create a company that generates revenue, either a product or service.

“The students could come up with any idea, but they only have through April 28, 90 days (from when they started) to start the business, come up with a plan, do some marketing and generate revenue,” Pollard said.

“Their whole concept was to come up with non-fungible tokens or cryptocurrency, they hired a graphic designer to help design their NFT. They’ve already set up three meetings with different people. They’re real go getters. I have appreciated their maturity throughout the whole process.”

The students say they understand that getting involved with digital assets can be confusing, with myriad processes, fees and requirements that come with NFT investing.


“Digital asset investing can be very risky and complicated if you do not know what you are doing,” said Oasis DAO CFO Chakamian. “With the right strategy and hard work, earnings in this lucrative new market can become much more predictable.”


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