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Brojure Employs the ‘Emotion’ of Visuals to Make the Sale

No one wants to wade through pages of text when being pitched a service or product. They just want the facts presented in an easy-to-understand, appealing fashion.

Businesses looking to nail that sale now have a resource in Brojure, a visual storytelling platform that aims to replace paper pitches, clunky PowerPoint presentations and too-busy websites with an online tool that emphasizes photos, video and little text.

Brojure can be used for proposals, presentations, brand building, luxury products, fundraising, and invitations. The user can display photos, video and text in an online template. Users can embed Brojure on their website or a microsite and access it across phones, laptops and tablets.

The template, created within minutes, can be updated in real-time. The platform, created for the travel industry, has transitioned to include all businesses that want more creative sales pitches.

Eliciting Emotion

“Everything is based on emotion and that’s why Brojure works,” said

Penny Wing, the founder and CEO of the startup. “It evokes emotion because it’s visually driven.”

Wing founded the company in London but has been an entrepreneur in the travel industry in San Diego for 30 years. The company moved its headquarters from London to downtown in January.

Wing is in the process of signing a $6 million-$8 million deal with a hotel chain with 4,800 locations worldwide that would use Brojure for sales presentations and marketing. She would not disclose the name of the chain, but said if the deal goes through, she’d hire 80 more people for content creation and marketing.

Her 10-person team is based in San Diego, Minneapolis and London.

Sheraton, Maritz Travel, Business Incentives, Aimia Inc., a marketing analytics company, and InterContinental Hotels are currently using Brojure.

Readership Sinking

Wing said when she founded Brojure, LLC in 2013, companies were just getting into cloud-based technologies. She used her entrepreneurial experience to drive this one.

“I stopped writing proposals [for sales and marketing pitches],” Wing, 60, said. “Nobody was reading them. I was selling large events to Fortune 500 companies and instead I would create these storyboards…to show the day-by-day itinerary of the event in one picture and use photographs really to sell the destinations. Then I went into CBS with five different destination boards (for an event) and a one-page budget for each one. And our win ratio went to 98 percent because nobody read proposals.”

She launched the software in March 2015 after hiring a programmer and moving the company. Wing bootstrapped $2 million for the build, setting $1 million aside for future operations. Since then, the company has made $200,000 in revenue, she said. The application has 800 users, a third of whom pay for the software.

Users can create one free Brojure online. Tiered subscriptions allow users to build a number of Brojures with a variety of users, a customized profile page, search engine optimization, email support, analytics and duplication. The lowest subscription price is $29 a month for five Brojures and the highest, professional subscription is $139 a month for 29 Brojures. Subscribers who want Brojure to create the site’s content pay an additional fee that ranges from $500 to $30,000 depending on the size of the client.

Think Outside PowerPoint

“The tools in the business market aren’t very good,” said Fay Beauchine, president of Brojure. “They’re basically PowerPoint or digital PDFs that are shipped around on attachments. We are high design, easy to use and anyone can learn it. And that’s big in the travel space because there is so much content creation that is needed.”

In a Brojure case study through Google Analytics Benchmarks for the Travel Industry, the average user stayed on Brojure for a little over two minutes, viewing the client’s site, Go Next, a

national tour operator. The study gave Brojure a four percent bounce rate; only four percent of visitors left the site without viewing additional content. The travel industry average bounce rate is about 80 percent.

World Marketing Group, a destination sales and marketing firm, uses Brojure to attract customers to its clients’ incentive travel programs, to train and to follow up with customers after events or conferences.

“Given the shorter attention spans of our clients, this products helps us visually convey what is often difficult to do through words, especially when time is of the essence,” said Jane Schuldt, the company’s principal and founder.


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