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Bitcot Helps Companies Bring Products to Life

Bitcot Inc., a web and mobile application development technology company in San Diego, is helping several Fortune 100 companies, small businesses and young startups bring their ideas to fruition.

Founded in 2014, by enterprise software consultant and developer Raj Sanghvi, over the past six years, Bitcot has built over 100 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms, over 200 Mobile Apps with more than 5 million downloads, and helped create products that generate millions in revenue.

“After spending 20 years in the industry, I felt that there was a gap between businesses and how they go about their technology as well as the cost associated with it,” said Sanghvi CEO of Bitcot. “ I felt that we could solve a lot of those problems with the marketplace solutions, mobile apps, cloud-SaaS platforms , etc. — at the core we do all those things.”

Full-Service Company

The Rancho Bernardo-based company specializes in native application development, internet-of-things (IOT) integrations with Bluetooth LE Stack, AWS, and SaaS Web platforms, Integrations.

BitCot’s client base ranges from early-stage startups to Fortune 100 companies. In the past, it has helped local billion-dollar revenue generating companies such as ResMed, Scripps, and other large enterprises like Dick’s Sporting Goods, develop digital products for consumers.

“At Bitcot, we help companies with everything ranging from putting together a small business fully functional software product to a startup wanting to launch its minimum viable product (MVP) to even helping big brands with their research and development (R&D) efforts,” said Sanghvi.

Global Operations

A significant portion of its clients comes from the San Diego county, although it operates across the U.S., the firm also has clients in Chicago and Dallas.

A competitive industry with thousands of software development competitors, Bitcot has been able to stand out as a leading developer by combining creative thinking, introducing a startup mindset, and offering quick execution.

In terms of costs, on average getting a software platform developed can range from $15,000 up to several hundred thousand dollars. Once companies have an idea, Bitcot works with the company to build out the initial version of the product as well as create the roadmap for its customers.

More Than 300 Clients

The company said it has seen double-digit growth year-over-year and will increase revenues by 30 to 40% this year.

Annual revenues weren’t disclosed, however at any given time the company works with about 10 clients helping maintain multiple software projects. To date, the company has serviced more than 300 clients, helping build various custom web and mobile applications.

Looking forward, Bitcot’s goal is to help companies put together the best technology solution possible. Bitcot employs 80 local staffers.

“We look for purpose-driven companies that want to bring in innovation, and we help them add software development to empower both startups and brands with their digital transformation,” said Sanghvi. “10 years from now every company will have a digital interface, if they don’t, they’ll be obsolete.” 


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