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alwaysAI Digs Into Mining Industry

AI: Enhancing Mine-to-Market Value Chain

CARDIFF – Local computer vision solutions leader alwaysAI is breaking ground on a vision AI system for mining operations, which allows computer systems to interpret and analyze the visual world of the industry. Deemed alwaysAI Smart Mining, the system aims to improve safety, productivity and profitability within the mining world by combining the company’s AI computer vision platform with its new analytics dashboard.

Marty Beard
Co-Founder & CEO

“We worked with a large mining consulting firm on several use cases focused on operational improvements that provided significant value to mine operators,” alwaysAI CEO and Co-Founder Marty Beard told the Business Journal. “We realized how useful this technology could be in an industry with historically limited visibility. The real-time visual insights Vision AI (aka computer vision) provides can help mining operators understand how productive their processes are, how to improve overall yield, better understand equipment utilization, enhance safety (e.g. PPE usage), and much more. The potential is wide open.”

AI Transforming Mining Industry

Over the past few years, the implementation of artificial intelligence solutions has been transformational for miners. AI-powered systems allow for more efficient and safer exploration while maximizing extraction and producing better yields. Dozens of notable mining tech companies — like Canada’s Stratum AI and U.K.’s Conundrum — have carved out space for their AI-driven platforms to support operations underground.

“Extracting valuable mineral concentrate from ore is a multifaceted process,” said Gerardo Alvear Flores, a mining and metals executive at Canadian Engineering Associates Ltd.. “From crushing and grinding to sizing and classification to separation, Vision AI will be a game-changer in processing metal materials from ore into a concentrated marketable product. With tight margins, even small gains in productivity can significantly impact profitability, as the benefits compound throughout the mine-to-market value chain.”

Gerardo Alvear Flores
President & Principal Pyrometalurgist
Canadian Engineering Associates Ltd.

alwaysAI believes its tech stands apart from the competition.

“Much of the publicity around AI is with generative AI – Vision AI is a little different,” added Beard. “Generative AI drives value in processing incredible amounts of historical data to generate something new, usually text, images, or now even video. Vision AI gives you real-time insights about what is happening in your business as it happens.”

The biggest competitors, Beard shared, are reluctant to embrace new tech.

“alwaysAI needs to show mine operators the practical value that Vision AI delivers.”

alwaysAI Smart Mining also comes with an analytics dashboard that packages customizable data to meet the enterprise’s needs. “For example, this could be the number of times a dump truck loaded and unloaded materials, how long a certain machine was idle or in use, or even the number of employees missing PPE,” he added.

Partnerships with Mining Industry Groups, Tech Companies

To push its mining vision forward, alwaysAI says it partnered with leading industrial groups and companies, including the Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas del Perú (Instituto) and their collaboration with the Mining Innovation Hub at Perumin.

“The mine-to-market value chain is complex, and improvements must be highly data-driven,” said Carlos Diez Canseco, general manager of the Instituto.

Carlos Diez Canseco
General Manager
Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas del Perú

“Artificial intelligence can transform mining operations by increasing productivity, improving safety, and helping mitigate environmental impacts. We are delighted to work with companies like alwaysAI and their Vision AI solutions to improve mining.”

The Instituto represents established mines and miners, including the operators of the large Antamina copper and zinc mine in the Andes, and the Lima-based precious metals mining company Buenaventura.

Privately-held alwayAI shared that it nearly tripled its valuation during its last round of fundraising, and more than doubled its enterprise business from last year. In December, a spokesperson wrote that it raised $18 million in funding. The company has reportedly worked with several local businesses, including Qualcomm and Ceramic Pro.

Last year, alwaysAI announced a strategic partnership with world-leading neuroscience and machine-learning expert, Dr. Gabriel Silva, PhD. The UC San Diego professor of Neurosciences and Bioengineering plans to collaborate with alwaysAI to advance the company’s tech and solutions. The company shared that Dr. Silva’s work aims to understand how the brain works as an engineered system and how to apply this understanding to next-generation machine learning and machine inference.

“Humans are multi-modal (we can understand, analyze, and create information from different types of data inputs like text, images, audio, and video), so AI also has to be multi-modal,” added Beard. “We’re extending our Vision AI platform to be able to handle other modes of input like sound and text to bring even more practical value to real-time data and actionable insights.”

CO-FOUNDER & CEO: Marty Beard
WEBSITE: alwaysAI.co
CONTACT: kathleen.siddell@alwaysAI.co
NOTABLE: alwaysAI partnered with John Abbamondi, former CEO of BSE Global, the parent company of the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center, to bring the power of computer vision to the sports and entertainment industry.


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