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Executive Profile: Joye Blount

Joye Blount


Name: Joye D. Blount.

Company: U.S. Bank, Private Client Reserve.

Titles: Wealth management adviser/vice president.

Revenue — 2010: $18 billion.

No. of employees: 61,000.

Year founded: 1863.

Education: B.S. in education from Winthrop University, and a master’s degree in leadership from the University of North Carolina.

Birthplace: Chesterfield, South Carolina.

Current residence: Point Loma.

Family: Husband, Jessie J. Knight Jr.

As a wealth management adviser and vice president with the Private Client Reserve at U.S. Bank, Joye Blount helps financially successful individuals and their families meet their unique financial needs. Her extensive experience enables her to build long-term relationships by offering insight and advice touching on all aspects of her clients’ financial affairs. Blount coordinates a team of specialists to ensure that her clients fully benefit from the comprehensive capabilities and solutions the Wealth Management Group has to offer.


Essential business philosophy: Surround myself with the best talent money can buy.

Best way to keep a competitive edge: Being very clear about my clients’ goals and consistently delivering on those.

Guiding principles: The Ten Commandments.

Goals yet to be achieved: Coming up with my own personal plan to help ease the transition for our military returning home to San Diego.


Best business decision: Making a family commitment to personal philanthropy and community involvement.

Worst business decision: Not having joined U.S. Bank, one of the world’s safest, most respected and most trusted banks, sooner than I did.

Toughest business decision: Leaving respected friends and colleagues behind in a career transition to do something new.

Biggest missed opportunity: Throwing one more party to celebrate the accomplishments of Bruce Moore, John Davies, Herb Kline, Tom and Jenny Fat, Pete Peckham, Mary Clark, Hugh Carter, Dick Burt …

Mentor: Sook Hansen, personal friend.

Words that describe you: Values-based.


What you like best about your job: Working with clients to build and preserve wealth.

What you like least about your job: Global economic uncertainty.

Pet peeves: Unprofessional dress.

Most important lesson learned: Never assume.

Person most interested in meeting: Angela Merkel, prime minister of Germany.

Three greatest passions: Family, friends and giving back to my community.


Favorite quote: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Most influential book: “The Fourth Turning,” by William Strauss and Neil Howe.

Favorite status symbol: 1994 red Saab convertible from the movie “Sideways.”

Favorite restaurant: Hexagone — the best French restaurant in San Diego.

Favorite place for business meetings: The Westgate Hotel.

Favorite way to spend time: Attending the arts in San Diego (the San Diego Symphony, the San Diego Opera, the Timken Museum of Art …)


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