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3 Reasons Millennials Choose Coworking

San Diego’s coworking community continues to flourish, responding to demands from entrepreneurs for more flexible workspaces.

Today, San Diego is home to at least 50 coworking spaces, including WeWork, the newest and largest space in downtown San Diego.

Millennials often flock to these shared offices, embracing the “digital nomad” lifestyle and making themselves quite at home on coworking couches. Nearly 2 in every 10 millennials who work remotely choose to work in coworking facilities, according to a survey conducted by West Corp.

The San Diego Business Journal surveyed millennials working out of local coworking spaces to find out why. Here are three reasons millennials choose coworking.

They’re Cheap

For millennials just getting their start at entrepreneurship or professional independence, coworking is often cheaper than office space.

“Being a business owner with my own office space, I used to pay for everything: the coffee, the cleaners, the furniture,” said Andrew Lane, an entrepreneur now working out of WeWork.

At coworking spaces, all that stuff is covered. For an open desk (meaning members sit wherever there’s room rather than at a dedicated desk), San Diego-based Downtown Works charges $295 per month, WeWork $220 per month, and DeskHub is $300 per month. Each membership varies on what you get for the price, and the more expensive ones often come with more perks.

There’s Structure

While millennials are known for preferring flexible workspaces, they sometimes need to step out of their apartments to get work done. As anyone with a pet knows, the home office can come loaded with distractions.

Coworking spaces offer varied work environments, from open spaces with bustling activity to secluded, quiet rooms to focus or make phone calls.

They’re Social

Coworking spaces are especially attractive to millennials due to their social environments.

“It’s a very community feel here,” said Cam Adair, an entrepreneur working out of WeWork. “I’ve met a lot of people here who can help me with business challenges. The people in this building are extremely talented.”

Adair said it’s easy to form bonds with people, especially regulars who flock to the same floors of WeWork’s multilevel space.

“I’ve recruited all of my favorite people to the seventh floor, and we call ourselves the ‘seventh floor crew,’” Adair said, laughing.


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