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Moving Toward Wellness by Meditating

SMALL BUSINESS: inHarmony Products Target Mental Health

Research studies have shown that meditation is not just for those seeking greater self-awareness. Meditation also reduces stress and anxiety, calms nerves, clears the mind, expands consciousness, lowers blood pressure and improves the attention span. It also helps regulate the limbic system and promotes stimulation to skin, muscles and joints on a cellular level.

Craig Goldberg

But for all of its positives, meditation isn’t something that comes easily for everybody. Even Craig Goldberg, president and co-founder of inHarmony – the Old Town-based health and wellness company focused on furniture that delivers sound, vibration and frequency to the physical body — has had challenges moving along that path.

“Six years ago, if you’d asked me to meditate… hmmm, it’s not happening,” said Goldberg, 44. “When I sat down to meditate six or seven years ago, I would bring on more stress and more anxiety wondering why I’m not able to do this thing that’s so important to do, that I know I could be doing, and that I should be doing. And that I’m not.”

And so began the path to help others challenged in quieting the mind learn to meditate, and to help bring deeper relaxation to those lucky meditation pros.

Goldberg in 2016 started inHarmony with friend and business partner Dominic Carnevale with hopes of not only business success but also of bringing lasting mental, spiritual and physical well-being to the masses.

The two met in 2011 as Carnevale, 50, was on a similar path of seeking to help himself and others. Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, Carnevale wanted to stop the stress in his life, which led him to earn a master’s degree in spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica.

Carnevale, whose background is engineering, initially combined forces with Goldberg on a related project, but the two entrepreneurs settled on the vibroacoustic-focused inHarmony in November 2016, an endeavor which they have bootstrapped from the very start.

“This has been a labor of love for a very long time,” Goldberg said. “This was a passion project for us from the start, something that was so important to us. At our core, we’re really a company that is driven on helping the world and our clients to rest and relax and get into that restorative mindset, which we call meditation.”

Goldberg and Carnevale’s products – the inHarmony Sound Lounge, the inHarmony Practitioner and the inHarmony Meditation Cushion – use sound frequencies and vibration therapy to bring on all the benefits of meditation. The company expanded its product line in 2021 with a downloadable app with vibroacoustic, therapeutic music.

Dominic Carnevale

Carnevale is a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) San Diego, part of a global peer-to-peer EO network of more than 17,000 influential business owners that help entrepreneurs learn and grow.

“I started going to my peers in EO and they helped us find our manufacturer in Tijuana and our source for products and electronics in China and our third-party logistics company in Vista,” Carnevale said. “Slowly but surely (our peers) into ended up getting us involved in everything we needed.”

inHarmony’s first offering, the Sound Lounge, is at its essence an ergonomically sound couch, but with far more than meets the eye. It has four tactile transducers and two amplifiers that bring sound and vibration not only into the ears via headphones but also vibrate through the body.

inHarmony’s patented Meditation Cushion, the most affordable of the company’s products, has been part of the company’s healthy growth plan of innovating while scaling their manufacturing.

Its newest offering is the inHarmony app. The technology is “very specifically made to produce specific vibrations that do specific things,” Carnevale said, noting that the company has been producing music to go along with its products since the start.

The app currently has more than 3,000 users and Carnevale said the company’s aggressive growth strategy based on its marketing metrics shows the company tracking to break $2M this year and $5M in 2024.


CEO: Dominic Carnevale
PRESIDENT: Craig Goldberg
HEADQUARTERS: Old Town, San Diego
BUSINESS: Health and wellness/Furniture technology/Manufacturing
REVENUE: $1.25 million
WEBSITE: iaminHarmony.com
CONTACT: 888-276-8040 and support@iaminHarmony.com
NOTABLE: Norwegian Olav Skille is said to be the father of vibroacoustic therapy, which uses vibrations produced by low frequency sounds to connect with parts of the body beyond the ears.


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