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Largest Electronics Recycling Firm Continues Expansion

WASTE SERVICES: More E-waste Means More Green for EnviroGreen

EnviroGreen Recycling Services Founder Louise Batchelor has hit on a most prosperous business model that goes well beyond the electronic waste recycler’s motto “Creating a Greener Tomorrow from Yesterday’s World.”

Louise Batchelor
Founder & CEO

EnviroGreen not only charges people and businesses a set fee to bring in their e-waste – from old batteries and fading copy machines to outdated printers and retired lawn mowers – it also turns some of those discarded items or parts of them into big-ticket items that it turns around and sells to wholesale buyers and through an online retail outlet.

And while Batchelor and her dozen employees are working toward creating a greener environment, EnviroGreen is bringing in more green – as in greenbacks.

The company’s revenue reached $1 million in 2022.

Since its founding out of the back of her truck in 2011, when she was 57 and ready for a new career, Batchelor’s company has recycled 985,466 pounds of e-waste, 555,988 pounds of steel, 350,000 pounds of TVs, cathode ray tubes and monitors. Its resale store on eBay has sold 6,700 refurbished computers, 8,000 keyboards, nearly 3,500 laptops and more than 3,250 monitors.

Through the years, growing from a small location on Mission Gorge Road, moving to two other sites and then landing at its current site on Production Avenue in Miramar in 2019, EnviroGreen has progressively needed larger space for discarded electronics.

Last October it leased a second building adjacent to its current spot, doubling its indoor storage and office space from 5,000 square feet to 10,000 square feet. It added a new outdoor yard as well.

‘A Second Purpose’

EnviroGreen’s longest-tenured employee Dario Farisato is usually the first person to take a look at what comes in to EnviroGreen headquarters and its satellite locations at Ace Hardware in Tierrasanta, Kearny Mesa Self Storage and Eastlake Self Storage – and he’s typically the final pair of eyes on what leaves.

Dario Farisato

In between, EnviroGreen workers categorize and sift through the items, determine which are still in good working order, which can be salvaged, which will need to be broken down and gleaned for parts that are still usable, and which have reached end of life.

“Sometimes I can’t believe what I see come in our doors,” Farisato said. “I also always think that if it wasn’t coming here, it would end up in a ditch or a landfill. What people say is unusable we can give a second life to, or a second purpose.”

Batchelor said the company is the largest e-recycler in San Diego County and works with businesses from Sycuan Casino’s IT department to the City of Carlsbad.

It recently filled an order for six 24-inch computer monitors for the county of San Diego’s Public Works Department – with warranties.

“We can do warranties because we get so many,” Batchelor said. “I’m looking at 50 monitors we have in stock that are ready to go.”

More than 70% of the electronic items collected by EnviroGreen are repurposed.

“We upcycle more than recycle,” said Batchelor, who also notes, “We couldn’t do this in any other state than California.”

California’s stringent regulations about electronic waste includes a 2003 law that established and funded a program for consumers to return, recycle and ensure safe, environmentally sound disposal of covered electronic devices.

In 2013, EnviroGreen made nearly $110,000 – $68,000 in recycling revenue, $24,000 in wholesale sales and $16,000 in resale.

Five years later in 2018, those numbers jumped to about $423,000 overall – with Batchelor starting the eBay store (ebay.com/str/consignmentsandiego) that brought in $181,000, plus $137,000 recycling revenue and $104,000 in wholesale sales.

According to California Department of Toxic Substances Control, it is estimated that the average person in the United States generates around 46 pounds of e-waste annually.

And studies show that while Californians are better about recycling than other parts of the country, e-waste is a serious issue.

Alianza Recycling and Recovery LLC reports that the nation dumps between 300 million and 400 million electronic items per year – and less than 20% of that waste is recycled. Additionally, e-waste represents 2% of America’s trash in landfills but it equals 70% of its overall toxic waste – waste that harms the environment.

EnviroGreen Electronic Recycling

FOUNDED:  2011
CEO:  Louise M. Batchelor
HEADQUARTERS:  Miramar area, San Diego
BUSINESS:  Electronics recycling
REVENUE:  $1 million
WEBSITE:  SanDiegoRecycles.com
CONTACT:  858-800-1271
SOCIAL IMPACT: EnviroGreen helps nonprofits raise money through e-waste collection events – Ascension Lutheran Church recently was able to bring in more than $1,000 in donations.
NOTABLE: The company was named a finalist for the San Diego Chamber of Commerce’s 2023 Sustainable Small Business Award


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