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New Pain Treatment Brings Accuracy in Dosage, Delivery

MEDICINE: It Offers Alternative to Oral Drugs, Gives Doctor Clear View

A relatively new FDA-approved device is giving Dr. Benjamin DuBois a more efficient, targeted way of delivering medication for pain-relief in his patients’ joints.

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Entrepreneur --- Gwynn Scores With Church's Chicken Deal

San Diego's bat man will soon become known as its bird man , Southern fried bird, of course.

All Agree on One Thing, Jack Needs to Make More Money

DINING: $1.5 Million in Average Sales Per Store Lags Top Competitors

On the hunt for a buyer in 2019, Jack in the Box Inc. is working to resolve the challenges and contradictions of the year gone past.

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Encinitas-Based Fast-Food Owner Rides Wave to Success

At first, landlords were reluctant to take 18-year-old Reza Karkouti very seriously.

Small Business Spotlight: Blue the Salon, Inc.

Thomas Leach, president, Blue the Salon, Inc.

The Truth Is Out There SomewhereYou have to give Alan Greenspan credit. No matter how often critics accuse him of being an economic Chicken Little, he sticks to

You have to give Alan Greenspan credit. No matter how often critics accuse him of being an economic Chicken Little, he sticks to his guns.

Amylin’s Once-Weekly Diabetes Drug Is Approved

MEDICINE: It Will Be in Pharmacies This Month; Huge Sales Are Predicted

Third time’s a charm for San Diego-based Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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Chicken and Charm a Winning Combination

HOSPITALITY: Chick-fil-A Takes Selective Approach To Granting Franchises

With more than 1,500 U.S. restaurants, Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A Inc. has developed a large and loyal following for its chicken sandwiches, with throngs of aficionados camping out hours in advance of location debuts.

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Giving Chickens Room To Roam Appeals to Chefs And Customers

Pluck Takes Humane Approach To Raising Chickens

From free-range to cage-free to the latest term pasture-raised, there are plenty of poultry production practices a chef and/or restaurant owner can choose from.

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Seller Should Be Prepared When Buyers Come Calling

Question: How do I prepare my company for sale?

Firms Can Receive a Boost From Accounts Receivable Financing

Question: What is accounts receivable financing and can a small business benefit from it?

Chicken Helps Fatten Jack's Bottom Line

Skittish customers could pose a serious threat for San Diego-based Jack in the Box, which introduced several chicken dishes recently as part of a five-year plan to fatten its bottom line.

Blue Takes a Look at an Interesting Past, a Fascinating Future

Linden S. Blue makes few public appearances and even fewer public speeches.

Company Invests $105.3M to Develop, Market Promising Drug

HEALTH CARE: Novel Needle-Free Injector Used In Treating Schizophrenia

Zogenix Inc., the San Diego pharmaceutical company that went public late last year, said it will spend as much as $105.3 million — including $2.3 million upfront — to develop and market a new schizophrenia drug that has immense potential for global sales.

Co. Captures Piece of Blue Light Market

MANUFACTURING: Increased Computer Use Means Growth for Gunnar Optiks

With the majority of Americans working from home or virtually learning the past year, the blue light glasses category has seen a significant boost as a result.

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All Is Not Lost, Despite the Bitter End of the Football Season

As sales of yellow and blue face paint drop off the charts, I'd like to suggest 10 things to do in San Diego since post-season football ended in tears and before baseball begins.

Small Business Spotlight: Blue Mine Group

Michael Lurie, founder and CEO of Blue Mine Group.

New Wrinkle Remover May Hit the Market This Fall

Biotech: Artes Medical Closer to Winning FDA Approval After Panel's OK

Entrepreneur Profile - Mark Canavarro

Mark Canavarro is president of Cubicles Office Environments, a provider of new, used and refurbished office furniture to small to midsized companies.

Amylin Looks Forward to Diabetes Conference

Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc., which just launched two newly approved diabetes drugs, Symlin and Byetta, sees opportunity in this week's diabetes conference.