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Fine-Dining Seafood Delivery Co. to Launch in San Diego

Fine-dining quality seafood soon can be home delivered to San Diego residents.

PureFish, a high-quality seafood B2B delivery company founded in 2002, will launch its direct-to-consumer sector later this month.

For $250, free expedited shipping included, consumers will get a selection of three curated, pre-fixe boxes with eight oven-safe aluminum trays of fish each delivered straight to their doorsteps. This includes the Omega Box, the Rainbow Box and Whitefish Box, said President and Founder Shahin Mobine, featuring two sustainably sourced, fully trimmed, prepped and ready-to-cook 6 oz. center cuts per tray.

Headquartered in Bankers Hill and with eight employees, PureFish was founded in the early 2000s. Its mission, said Mobine, was to make a change in the seafood industry by focusing on better quality and more sustainable seafood products for the most discerning and demanding chefs. Some of its San Diego-based clients include Marine Room, Mister A’s, Lionfish, Wrench & Rodent and Hane Sushi, among others.

Following two years of research and development, PureFish will launch its B2C vertical on Dec. 28, he said, with the hope of bringing the same quality product to the final consumer. The family-owned and operated company is projected to reach $5 million in annual revenue.

Messy Prep and Guesswork

“After almost 20 years on the B2B side, we knew that to make a lasting change, we had to bring this same quality to our final consumer customers,” said Mobine. “PureFish is a healthy and sustainable option that takes out all of the messy prep and guesswork normally associated with buying and cooking seafood at home. After two years of R&D, PureFish is now ready to be available direct to our consumers straight from the water to their home kitchen. From fridge to fork in less than 10 minutes, there are no dirty pans, no fuss and no ‘fishiness’.”

PureFish works directly with its hand-picked and audited fisherman and aquaculture partners. The fish is delivered directly to PureFish from the water, where it is processed, meaning pre-portioned and trimmed just as a chef would do, said Mobine. The center cut filets are frozen at peak freshness using an innovative technology, locking in quality and taste until ready to use, he said.

The fish is then packaged and delivered to its customers. To use, home cooks can simply thaw, open, season and cook, said Mobine.

Erika Wong, PureFish’s registered dietitian and nutritionist, said every “perfect portion” provides heart-healthy omega-3 fats from each part of the fish – top, bottom and belly loin – in the ideal serving size.

“We created the PureFish Perfect Portion to provide the highest quality center cut fish packing the most nutritional benefit,” she said.

Colors and Flavors

Available in curated boxes, PureFish currently offers three pre-fixe options.

Named after the colorful sushi roll, The Rainbow features a mixture of all colors and flavors, including salmon, trout, ahi tuna, albacore tuna, bass, shrimp and scallops. The Omega has a variety of fish containing the highest levels of omega, said Mobine, like salmon, trout, bass, cobia, cod and albacore tuna. And the WhiteFish Box offers a selection of “lighter” and “milder” tasting whitefish, meaning cobia, cod, bass, Chilean sea bass, swordfish, albacore tuna, shrimp and scallops.

Shellfish free options are available, said Mobine, adding that products are sourced worldwide, including Scotland, Iceland, Santa Barbara and Baja California.

All packaging is made from upcycled and recycled paper, the insulation is made of 100% all-natural recycled cotton that is upcycled and the aluminum trays are 100% recyclable. And, taking it a step further, PureFish also provides its clients QR codes that allows them to “Meet My Fisherman and Farmer”, he added.

“We wanted to eliminate all of these hurdles,” said Mobine. “We did all the hard work so the consumer can just enjoy great seafood at home.”


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