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South Bay Project Expands Ocean View Church

REAL ESTATE: $6.5M Project Inspired by Lifeguard Stations

Erickson-Hall Construction has completed a $6.5 million project to build a children’s ministry school and soccer field at Ocean View Church in the San Diego neighborhood of Palm City.

Matt Horton
Ocean View Church

“The new building, landscaping, hardscape, arena field and other field improvements have totally reshaped this section of our campus,” said Church Treasurer Matt Horton.

Led by Steve Boschen as pastor, Oceanview Church was founded in 1947 as Midway Baptist Church. The church changed its name to Ocean View Church in 2010.

“The new soccer field will be a fantastic addition, and the new children’s ministry will provide state-of- the-art spaces for both church staff and all the children the services,” said Mat Gates, president of Erickson-Hall.

Mat Gates
Erickson-Hall Construction Company

The church averages more than 1,000 persons every Sunday participating in various services across its campus, according to Horton.

Built on what had been a parking lot, the ministry building replaces a sprung structure made of a metal frame covered by all-weather membrane panels that had been used for children to meet every Wednesday and Sunday night, Horton said.

“The new building was inspired by SoCal (Southern California) lifeguard stations and has a surf shack feel with dramatic ceiling heights, bright colors and a fish tank,” Horton said. “Our hope is the kids who call this building their church home form a great foundation of faith that will last a lifetime.”

The 7,400-square-foot ministry building has four classrooms of 530 square feet to 630 square feet each, restrooms, and a 1,830-square-foot multi-purpose room.

The entrance to the building is covered by a canopy in the shape of a wave and the exterior is done in bright blue and gray with red beams that support the canopy, adding a pop of color.

“It’s pretty striking,” Gates said.

The building lobby is polished concrete, and the interior has open, beam ceilings with acoustic tiles to soften sound.

“The finishes are definitely high end,” Gates said.

‘Encouraging Environment for Kids’

The 80-foot by 180-foot soccer field with walls and netting replaced a softball field on the north end of the church campus.

The soccer field is built like an indoor soccer stadium, but it’s outdoors, Gates said.

The field has batter boards 4.5 feet on the sides and 6-feet-tall behind the goals to protect fans from shots that go astray.

The field itself is made of artificial turf and there are team bench dugouts, bleacher seating for 140 persons, new sidewalks, walkways, and ramps, Gates said.

New landscaping was also added with drought tolerant plants and palm trees.

The church’s softball program “served our school ministry well for decades,” Horton said, but the church opted to go with soccer instead of softball because of the sport’s growing popularity.

“When we looked at how we could impact and serve the community with our property, we felt that opening up the field to a low-cost soccer league could be an instant success and provide a positive and encouraging environment for kids and families,” Horton said.

The soccer field is at the bottom of a hill on the church grounds, so Gates said that the project included construction of stairs and a grass slope adjacent to the soccer field along with three water retention basins to capture rainwater as it comes down the hill to prevent the soccer field from flooding.

The water basins also act as filters, capturing the pollutants that are washed down the hill, Gates said.

School construction is a specialty of Erickson-Hall and the Ocean View Church project “totally matches what we would do in an elementary school or middle school type of construction,” Hall said. “It was a great project for us.”

Erickson-Hall Construction Company

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Notable: An employee-owned company, Erickson-Hall has completed more than $2 billion in construction projects, of which $1.5 billion has been education projects.


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