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San Ysidro Housing Project Targets Low-income Seniors

REAL ESTATE: MAAC, Kingdom Team Up on $60M Ventana al Sur

SAN DIEGO – The nonprofit housing developer MAAC is teaming up with Kingdom Development, based in Riverside, to build a $60 million San Ysidro apartment project for low-income renters aged 62 and over.

The five-story Ventana al Sur will be the tallest building in San Ysidro. Its name in Spanish means window to the south, a play on the location’s proximity to Tijuana.

Arnulfo Manriquez
President & CEO

“People that are from San Ysidro recognize and see and connect with that border life, with the lights of Tijuana when you see the hill lit up,” said Arnulfo Manriquez, CEO and president of MAAC.

The five-story building at 411 North Lane in the San Ysidro Historic Village District will have 101 apartments in a mix of one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments of about 750 square feet and two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments of about 970 square feet with 25 apartments reserved for homeless seniors.

“Everyone deserves a quality home and we’ve taken great care in creating that here in this community,” said William Leach, president of Kingdom Development.

William Leach
President & Chairman
Kingdom Development

The project will also have about 3,100 square feet of commercial space along Beyer Boulevard and a 6-space parking garage.

Monthly rents for formerly homeless tenants will be 30% of their income, “whatever income that might be,” Manriquez said. “If it’s $100, their rent is going to be $30.”

The remaining apartments will be earmarked for tenants with annual incomes ranging from 30% to 50% of the area median income, which was $116,800 in 2023 under federal guidelines. The 2024 area median income hasn’t been set yet.

“With the housing crisis top of mind in our region, Ventana al Sur offers lower income seniors a home they can really be proud of,” Manriquez said. “They’re going to have access to ocean views as well as great quality amenities.”

Bold Colors

Designed by Rodriguez & Associates, Ventana al Sur has a look that was inspired by the cultural roots of MAAC and the San Ysidro neighborhood, with bold colors and Mexican-inspired architecture, according to Manriquez.

“We’ve got a variety of colors that stand out,” Manriquez said, with a façade of vertical panels that are yellow, brick red, blue and white.

“This is a particularly colorful development,” Manriquez said.
Taking advantage of its location, Ventana al Sur will have a large deck on the southwest corner of the building, where tenants can come together to watch sunsets on a clear day with views of Tijuana and the Tijuana River valley, Manriquez said.

“We want to make sure that we have a lot of opportunities so that seniors can come out of their units,” Manriquez said, adding that older people who live alone tend to become isolated.

“Many times, the only reason the seniors leave their units is to go get their mail, so we always focus on finding opportunities where people have reasons to come out and engage,” Manriquez said. ‘It’s a much more enjoyable life, quality of life for them.”

Other amenities include central heating and air conditioning, energy-efficient appliances, laundry rooms, a recreational courtyard and plaza, a computer room and a walking trail.

Social services will be provided by San Ysidro PACE (Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly), a division of San Ysidro Health, and Father Joe’s Villages.

As of early mid-February, construction was on schedule to be finished in September.

With affordable housing in such short supply, Manriquez said, “We’ll probably have 1,000 applicants. We will have to do some form of a lottery system to identify the seniors that will be moving in here.”

Kingdom Development, Inc.
BUSINESS: affordable housing developer and consultant
WEBSITE: www.kingdomdevelopment.net
CONTACT: 951-538-6244
NOTABLE: Kingdom Development has a portfolio of 3,172 apartments with 359 under construction.

MAAC (Metropolitan Area Advisory Committee on Anti-Poverty)
HEADQUARTERS: Chula Vista and Vista
PRESIDENT AND CEO: Arnulfo Manriquez
BUSINESS: nonprofit organization promoting self-sufficiency and improving well-being in underserved communities
WEBSITE: www.maacproject.org
CONTACT: 619-426-3595




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