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For Sale: Santa Ysabel’s Black Canyon Ranch

Looking for something special in the way of real estate, something that will wow friends and family? How about a working ranch? But not just any ranch, one with its own airfield, airplane hangar for multiple aircraft and not one, but four homes, and a few outbuildings?

Try Black Canyon Ranch in Santa Ysabel in eastern San Diego County.

“It’s a unique property, its special,” said Nick Condos, a luxury real estate specialist with the Combs Group of Compass Real Estate in Del Mar.

“I haven’t seen anything like this in California before,” Condos said. “There are other ranches in that area. There’s nothing this spectacular. There certainly are ranches that are bigger but don’t have the structures, the homes on it.”

Black Canyon Ranch has attracted a slew of big-name visitors, including Barron Hilton who is reputed to fly his plane to the ranch.

Price Drops Below $10M

Covering 560 acres, the ranch was on the market for $10.95 million but the price has been dropped to between nearly $8 million and just under $10 million.

The property includes 3 parcels, but the owners will sell separately to the right buyer

Most likely, the ranch will go to someone who wants to keep it as is, Condos said, but there have been a few prospects who have talked of turning the property into a mini resort.

Built in 1978 and remodeled in 2017, Condos said that the ranch includes a 7,500-square-foot main house with an attached 75-square-foot studio, a 2,900-square-foot manager’s house, a 1,800-square-foot clubhouse, a 1,200-square-foot guest house, a large garden house of 1,500 square feet and a smaller garden house of 480 square-feet, a 4,200-square-foot airplane hangar, a 300-square-foot greenhouse, and a 720-square-foot pool house.

“The main house is like a Disney castle,” Condos said. “There’s disappearing book cases that go into a wine room, it’s just incredible.”

The main house has five bedrooms, six full bathrooms and an office. The great room alone is 2,000 square feet with exposed ceilings of about 25 feet high and it has a fireplace that’s about 15 feet wide.

Huge Hangar Included

The property’s hangar is big enough for three planes or four helicopters, and the garage for the main house is big enough for eight cars, Condos said.

Each of the large homes is about a half-mile apart.

“You can’t see anybody from the main house. All you can see is rolling hills,” Condos said.

The property itself is up six-mile dirt road.

“There’s wildlife everywhere,” Condos said.

There are three wells on the property and four ponds.

Luxury Home Market ‘Pretty Crazy’

The ranch will likely take some time to sell because it is so big and so different, Condos said, but he said that the general real estate market for luxury homes has been “pretty crazy” and shows no sign of letting up.

“We were thinking there might be some kind of correction but I don’t think that’s going to happen in 2022 and when it does, I don’t think it’s going to affect coastal communities where we live,” Condos said.

“Everything’s moving really fast. 2020 was our best year yet. 2021 is about the same,” Condos said. “It’s such a seller’s market, so little inventory. The downside is a lot of people don’t want to sell because there’s nothing to buy.”

Condos said the profile of luxury real estate buyers has shifted since the COVID 19 pandemic began with most luxury home buyers now coming from Northern California.

Combs Group/ Compass

Founded: 2001

President and Founder: Brett Combs

Headquarters: Del Mar

Agents: Five

Notable: Founded as P.S. Platinum, Combs Group was acquired by Compass in 2018

Website: www.combsgrp.com

Contact: 858-284-1800


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