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North Park Infill Project a Model for Future Development

REAL ESTATE: Building Shape Adapts to ‘Land That’s Available’

A just-finished North Park apartment project could well set the tone for future developments in San Diego urban neighborhoods with its heavy emphasis on bicycles and transit replacing cars as a primary means of transportation for residents.

Built by Malick Infill Development of North Park in partnership with Titan Development and Thornburg Real Estate based in New Mexico, The Parkline, 4250 Oregon St., also has an unusual L-shaped design that wraps around and incorporates a popular neighborhood restaurant into the project.

When owners and operators of the San Diego Chicken Pie Shop declined to sell the business and property at 2633 El Cajon Blvd., Andrew Malick, founder and principal of Malick Infill Development, worked with them to renovate and spruce up the restaurant as part of The Parkline.

Andrew Malick
Founder and Principal
Malick Infill Development

“You’re going to start seeing more and more buildings that adapt to the land that’s available in these urban areas,” said Malick who lives and works in North Park.

“We’re just sort of at the beginning of the maturation of these neighborhoods,” Malick said. “What’s exciting to me is building projects that allow other people to share the joys that I have about living in this neighborhood.”

The 80,000-square-foot Parkline has 94 apartments in a six-story building – 28 studio apartments, 57 one-bedroom apartments and six two-bedroom apartments.

The apartments range from 398 square feet to 1,075 square feet. Monthly rental rates range from $2,265 to $6,100.

Each apartment has washers and dryers, air conditioning, quartz countertops, porcelain tile backsplashes, oversize windows, built-in desks and bookshelves, walk-in closets, and a balcony.

Views from The Parkline include the Coronado Islands to the west, the Mexican border to the south, and mountains to the east.

“It’s pretty spectacular. You’d never imagine a view like this in the middle of North Park,” Malick said.

Walkable Neighborhood

There are only 28 parking spaces for cars and four for motorcycles, but the project has 48 bike parking spaces, two bike racks for electric bicycles, and electric bicycle charging stations. There’s also a bicycle maintenance station with a repair rack and tools available for residents.

New tenants also can get a free electric bike when they sign a 13-month lease, or one-month free rent.

“People often claim you can’t live in San Diego without a car. It’s a little offensive to the people who don’t own cars. Believe it or not, those people span many demographics,” Malick said. “We designed around that group of people.”

The Parkline is adjacent to the North Park Water Tower, a neighborhood landmark, and a large community park.

“One of the things that we really leaned into on this project is the fact that it really is a walkable neighborhood,” Malick said.

Before construction started in January 2022, Malick estimated that The Parkline would cost $35 million. He said it wound up costing more but declined to give figures.

To encourage residents to take the bus, The Parkline also has a large transit screen in the lobby that posts bus routes, tracking when the next bus is scheduled to arrive and if they’re on time. There is a bench in front of the building and bike racks for visitors.

Information graphics and murals on an alley wall show the way to neighborhood amenities and alerts drivers when bicyclists are exiting the garage.

The Parkline was the first San Diego project for Titan Development, but Titan Partner Josh Rogers said the company is looking for “future opportunities in the California real estate market.”

Malick Infill Development

Founded: 2015
Headquarters: North Park
Founder and Principal: Andrew Malick
Employees: 2+
Website: wwwmalickinfill.com
Contact: info@malickinfill.com
Notable: Malick Infill Development focuses on transit-oriented projects in urban neighborhoods


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