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Ware Malcomb Designs Logistics Co. Offices

Ware Malcomb has designed new office space for Airspace Technologies in a Carlsbad building that had previously been renovated under a design by Ware Malcomb that split a single structure into two separate buildings with a paseo in between.

Cleaner Look

Airspace Technologies wanted new offices that kept the somewhat scruffy feel the company had as a startup but also projected a modern, cleaner look of a company on the move, said Tiffany English, Ware Malcomb principal.

“It was a combination of acknowledging where they’d come from and elevating them to their new space,” English said.

The general contractor on the project was Good & Roberts.

Airspace Technologies is a logistics company that focuses on the quick delivery of crucial items from human organs for transplant to airplane parts, according to its website.

The company recently moved to its new location in an industrial park at 5909 Sea Otter Place.

$1.7 Million Project

The $1.7 million project took what was an empty shell on the second floor of the smaller of the two buildings and turned the 23,000 square feet of space Airspace Technologies leased into what Ware Malcomb described as “a more sophisticated and connected environment.”

“We got to start from scratch with their program,” English said.

Airspace Technologies has three distinct departments and English said Ware Malcomb took that into account by designing a “neighborhood layout” that gives each group its own work area tailored to their activities.

The design and engineering departments have several meeting areas in a mix of enclosed rooms and impromptu stand up work areas.

The administration department has more private offices and phone or focus pods.

A central reception area, board room and break area was designed as a hub for workers to collaborate among the various departments and welcome visitors.

“It’s pretty open, it kind of does a U-shape around the floor plan so you transition from the administrative team to the programming team,” said Angela Ryan, director of interior architecture and design in Ware Malcomb’s San Diego offices.

The building is on a canyon with expansive views toward the ocean and Ware Malcomb used varying shades of green to tie that in as well as reflect Airspace Technolgies’ branding, which is done in shades of green.

The overall look is fairly open, with what Ware Malcomb called “acoustic ceiling clouds” above workstations to dampen sound.

Keeping in Touch With Origins

“We wanted to optimize the large, expansive glass,” English said.

Keeping a touch of Airspace Technologies’ origins as a start-up meant adapting some material from the company’s former offices, English said, including keeping a rope sculpture and what Ryan called three phone booths or privacy pods.

Ware Malcomb in 2017 renovated what was an industrial building into a mixed-use project, dividing a 260,000 square-foot building into two separate buildings totaling 235,000 square feet.

That includes the two-story office building that Air Technologies has moved into and a one-story adjacent building.

We tore down a portion of the warehouse space connected to the office space and created an outdoor amenity,” English said, referring to a paseo that was created between what had become a two-building project.

“It’s now become a new use for that (paseo) space instead of just one building,” English said.

Designed with LdG Landscape Architects, the paseo also includes an outdoor amphitheater, barbecue area, outdoor seating, shade sails and outdoor cafe. 


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