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Colliers Las Vegas Lead Expands Role

REAL ESTATE: Former Golfer Eyes SD Growth Opportunity

Aaron West, a former professional golfer, aims to make Colliers the top commercial real estate brokerage in San Diego County.

West took over as managing director and market lead for San Diego and Las Vegas in October.

Before joining Colliers in 2021, West was a vice president of CBRE in Woodland Hills.

Aaron West
Managing Director & Market Lead
Colliers San Diego and Las Vegas

“I want to put Colliers on the map as number one in market share like we are in Vegas. There’s been hyper growth from Colliers viewpoint over the last five years,” West said. “That’s something I have no doubt we’ll get to in San Diego, just because the momentum with everything surrounding San Diego. But I think it’s just going to take a leader being in there and being present and knowing the market and knowing the players.”

West said that in his assessment, Colliers is behind CBRE, JLL and maybe Cushman & Wakefield in San Diego County.

“Vegas is such a well-oiled machine, that a lot of my time is going to be spent down in San Diego because there’s a lot of opportunity down there,” West said, adding that the firm has about 60 brokers in two offices in San Diego County and 44 brokers in Las Vegas.

“What I’d like to do is get more brokers in the office producing more,” West said. He said that he’ll be recruiting “more high-level brokers” in San Diego and reviewing the performance of those on staff.

“I want to grow the market from a revenue perspective, but that doesn’t mean adding more brokers,” West said. “It’s about bringing on the right people that are team players, that are collaborators, that are rainmakers, that go across different asset classes, that bring everyone in.”

A graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in marketing, West has been managing director of Colliers in Las Vegas since 2021.

He expanded his role to include San Diego after his predecessor, Andy La Dow, left Colliers in June to become managing principal of operations in San Diego for Cushman & Wakefield. West said he will make San Diego his headquarters.

Career Change

West’s goal growing up in Northridge and Woodland Hills was to be a professional golfer.

“I played golf with my dad and then after college, I was good enough to at least give it a go,” West said.

West played golf professionally until 2013, making it to the PGA Tour Qualifying School twice and won three times on the mini tours.

When the first of his three children were born, he gave up playing golf as a career to become regional sales manager and membership sales director of American Golf Corp., then director of membership and assistant general manager of Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, where he said memberships were going to $300,000.

On the advice of a mentor he met at Sherwood Country Club, West went to work for CBRE.

“I sucked water through a firehouse and learned the business very quickly,” West said.


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